Recording Marine Life

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Records of Cancer pagurus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
2 2003-05-17
Firestone Bay, Plymouth
Carapace about 8 cm wide. Seashore Safari
Chesil Cove Dorset. Portland side, underhill.
Hiding in crevice. Ryan Stalker
Rocky headland at North end of Gwynver Beach, near Sennen.
Seen on a rock face. Carapace ~15 cm across. Guy Baker
2 2003-09-20
Menai straits under Menai Bridge
Under rock overhangs Ken Byrne
3 2003-05-11
Reef of Durdle Door, near Lulworth, Dorset
On stony bouldery reef in crevices. Charles Whitworth
2 2003-05-26
Wreck of James Fennel, near Portland
No further information. Charles Whitworth
4 2003-05-29
Lulworth Banks, Dorset
Charles Whitworth
4 2003-06-08
Grove Point, Portland Bill
Charles Whitworth
3 2003-07-01
Saw tooth ledges, Lyme Bay
In crevices of ledges. Charles Whitworth
P 2003-07-13
Durdle Door Reef, near Lulworth, Dorset
A few Charles Whitworth
1 2003-07-17
Landing craft of White Nothe, Dorset and surrounding seabed
Charles Whitworth
3 2003-07-31
Lulworth banks
In ledges. Charles Whitworth
P 2003-08-03
Worbarrowbay reef near wreck of the Black Hawk, off Portland Bill.
Charles Whitworth
3 2003-08-03
Wreck of St Dunstan, Lyme Bay
In wreck Charles Whitworth
P 2003-08-07
Ariels on the west side of Portland Bill
Numerous on extensive mussel beds from 30 m and shallower. Charles Whitworth
3 2003-09-11
Reefs of White Nothe, Dorset
Charles Whitworth
P 2003-07-18
Portland Harbour (location has been taken as middle as none given on recording form)
Many not that big. Charles Whitworth
1 2004-01-04
"The Fields" - aprox 1 mile SSE of Dodman Point, Cornwall.
Approx 10 inches wide. Sitting on edge of reef. Chris Bunney
6 + 2004-02-20
Batten Bay, Plymouth, Rocky shore, boulders and Mudddy/gravel sediment in patches.
One soft shelled moulting individual found Jack Sewell
1 2002-09-07
Batten Bay, Mount Batten, Plymouth Sound.
Found during Seashore Safari under rock, carapace 6cm across (approx) Chris Lowe
20 2002-07-13
St Mary's Lighthouse,north side of Whitley Bay, Northumberland.
Most were small and medium - maybe place where young ones are growing up! Jenny Prince
2 2001-09-16
Shankill Beach between Bray and Killiney, County Dublin Ireland.
Tim Clabon
30/100m 2001-10-31
Greenisland, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim
Sally Liya
C 2002-07-14
Rocky shore. Sand in places at low water
Common, hiding in crack beneath overhang
O 2001-10-31
Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim
Occassional Sally Liya
1 2001-06-23
Abereiddi Bay. Pembrokeshire
Pete Champion
Many crabs in all sizes tucked up in the cracks in the cliff face. Dived at 12pm
P 2002-07-27
Kyarra, Dorset
several seen on and amongst wreck Charles Whitworth
1 2001-09-30
Swanage Pier
8" across carapace. Hiding under a girder. Ray Carlton
18 2002-09-09
Rocky shore (intertidal), Nrth side of Whitley bay, Northumberland
Found whilst rock pooling during low tide period. Several pools contained dead specimens and loose carapaces also. Fiona Greenwold
10 2001-10-28
Swanage Pier
No information entered Sarah Cunningham
2 2002-06-02
Betsy Anna, Dorset
Charles Whitworth
P 2004-03-26
Woddy Bay - North sheltered bay approx 2km long comprising mainly boulders,and pebbles with some overhangs and rockpools. Waterfalls onto beach (photos enclosed)
present - 1 under rock Barbara Haddrill
3 2004-04-06
Batten Bay, Mountbatten, near Plymouth
Found on the lower shore. Seashore Safari
O 2004-04-07
Helford passage + Bar beach, Helford River, Cornwall.
mid to low shore Ruth Williams
8 2004-05-08
Jennycliff Bay, near Plymouth. Rocky shore, alongside sandy/gravelly beach.
under rocks and in crevices Seashore Safari
P 2004-04-06
Wembury VMCA
Cat Ridout
P 2004-06-05
Wembury Beach, South Hams, Devon. Rocky shore with some sandy patches
Several seen lots of small individuals mid - low shore. Seashore Safari
8 2004-06-07 Tunnels beach
Tunnels beach, Ilfracombe, North Devon. Low shore between pools
Under a stone in upper shore rockpools Kim-Marie Clothier
3 2004-06-01 Widmouth Head
Near Widmouth Head, Devon. Small rock beach adjacent to sandy/muddy harbour/rhia
Under rock Barbara Haddrill
2 2004-08-07 Millport
Farland Point, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, Firth of Clyde, Scotland
Boulders Alison Fish
1 2004-08-19 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, near Mountbatten
Seashore Safari
1 2000-09-09 St Abbs
Big Green Carr/Amphitheatre St Abbs, Scotland.
Terry Middleton
1 2002-09-07 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Mount Batten, Plymouth Sound.
Found during Seashore Safari under rock, carapace 6cm across (approx) Chris Lowe
P 2002-10-05
Rocks at North end of Polzeath beach.
Several smallish crabs (carapace around 10cm across)in crevices. Guy Baker
P 2000-07-08 Porthkerris
Polkerris, Cornwall
A few seen Terry Middleton
3 2001-08-22 Church Reef
Church Reef, Wembury, Devon
Will Rayment
30/100m 2001-10-31 Greenisland
Greenisland, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim
Sally Liya
2 2002-06-23 St Dunstan
St Dunstan, Lyme Bay
Charles Whitworth
Many crabs in all sizes tucked up in the cracks in the cliff face. Dived at 12pm
P 2002-08-04 The Shambles
The Shambles, West of Portland, Dorset
mostly fairly small Charles Whitworth
C 2001-09
Blue Pool, Porthrush, east of Ramore Head
Common Deirdre Walsh
Many 2002 Cardigan Bay
Cardigan Bay, west Wales
These crabs are caught in the pots, only the ones above a certain size are landed and soft ones which are shelling are returned to the sea. Mrs L.M. Hicks
1 2001-05-18 Pett Levels
Pett Levels, East Sussex
Small individuals 3.5 inches across carapace Pete Champion
3 2001-10-28 Swanage Pier
Swanage Pier
1 feeding under concrete slab. 1 resting/ hiding under girder. 1 dead. Margaret Onions
3 2004-10-26 Wembury beach
Wembury beach
Rock pool Simon Roper
P 2005-03-02 Lynmouth foreshore
Lynmouth foreshore west
Some seen in a rock pool Harwell School
8 2005-04-09
Langerstone Point
Under rocks, carapaces 2 to 10cm Katherine Hill
P 2005-04-09
Snapes Point - sheltered shore
Approximately 3 Nigel Mortimer
P 2005-03-12 Firestone Bay
Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound
A few individuals seen (carapaces between 6 and 9 cm) Seashore Safari
F 2005-04-09 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Seen under rocks Seashore Safari
A 2005-04-10 Newquay
North Cornwall, Newquay, Little Fistral, ELWS
Abundant. A large rock usually immersed was uncovered by the low tide, and every crevice housed an edible crab ranging in size from carapace of 3cm to approx 15cm Jennifer Kent
A 2005-04-10 Newquay
North Cornwall, Newquay, Little Fistral, ELWS
Abundant. A large rock usually immersed was uncovered by the low tide, and every crevice housed an edible crab ranging in size from carapace of 3cm to approx 15cm Jennifer Kent
P 2005-04-20 Lynmouth Beach
Lynmouth Beach
A few found in rock pool on lower shore Mary Killick
4 2005-05-21
Jamie Walls
15 2005-05-27 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Under rocks and in rock pools, lower shore. Carapace up to 10 cm diameter. Sonia Rowley
1 2005-06-05
Goodrington Sands on shore in front of Seashore Centre
Seen in a crevice Judith Oakley
1 2005-06-22 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Lower tidal zone, under rock. Tom Reynolds
1 2005-06-22 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
under rock on lower shore John Farquhar
3 2005-07-07 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach
2 x 15cm, 1 x 3cm; at low tide, under rocks, in a rockpool Cat Ridout
1 2005-07-08 Blackstone Rocks
on Blackstone Rocks at Wembury Beach
carapace length approx 50mm in rockpool Cat Ridout
4 2005-07-09 Blackstone Rocks
on Blackstone Rocks at Wembury Beach
Found in crevices and under rocks. Variety of sizes from edible to 3cm width. eulittoral Cat Ridout
1 2005-07-10 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
hiding in crevice on low shore carapace approx 100mm length Cat Ridout
P 2005-06-25
Portwrinkle, Whitsand Bay
Seen under rocks Judith Oakley
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 2, year 4-6, Tom, Jacob Houzehan, Will, Steve and Ben Holbeton School
3 2005-07-12 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
1x approx25mm carapce length under rock, 2x approx 90mm carapce length in low shore Cat Ridout
1 2005-06-29
Dive on Louis Shield wreck, Thurleston Sands
amongst kelp Judith Oakley
4 2005-06-30
Tinsley reef, Start Bay, south coast near Dartmouth.
On sandy bottom & amongst rocks, 20m depth. Sonia Rowley
1 2005-07-19 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
carapace approx 120 mm, low shore Cat Ridout
1 2005-07-20 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
carapace length approx 30mm under rock Cat Ridout
1 2005-07-21 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
carapace approx 70mm low shore pool Cat Ridout
6 2005-07-25 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
All tucked into deep drevices in low shore pools Cat Ridout
4 2005-08-20 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach, Plymouth
Low tide rockpools. Sizes = 2cm, 3cm, 15cm, 7cm carapace width Cat Ridout
5 2005-08-20
woolacombe beach, north devon
Peter Hake
1 2005-08-19 Blackstone Rocks
Wembury Beach, blackstone rocks
carapace width approx 13cm under large rock in low shore rockpool Cat Ridout
1 2005-06-12
German minesweeper (M343) wreck, 32 m deep. 9 miles sw of Jersey, Channel Isles.
Carapace length 14 cm, hidden under hull. Sonia Rowley
5 2005-10-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
all low shore in crevices, juveniles Cat Ridout
2 2005-10-02 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
both low shore, carapace width 1x 9cm, 1x17cm width Cat Ridout
5 2005-09-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth
In pools and crevices Judith Oakley
2 2005-12-01 Lynmouth foreshore
Lynmouth fore shore.
New Marstom
3 2003-08-13 Wembury
Rockpools at Wembury Beach, south Devon.
Cat Ridout
1 2003-06-25 Wembury
Wembury Beach, South Devon
Cat Ridout
1 2006-02-11
Babbacombe bay - few metres off shore
Gigantic!! Approx 14cm carapace width Faye Wood
Common 2006-03-01
Intertidal below Hen Cliff, Kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella
4 2006-07-15
Freathy Cliff, in a large rockpool
All large adults seen in crevices. larges about 20cm wide on carpace. James Park
1 2006-07-21 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
7cm long carapace Cat Ridout
2 2006-05-13
Lynmouth bay, old victorian swimming pool
Jonathon Holroyd
3 2006-05-26 Blackstone Reef
Blackstone Reef
1 large dead crab (20cm carapace lengh), 5cm 7cm. Cat Ridout
12 2006-05-27 Blackstone Reef
Blackstone reef
5cm - 14cm carapace length Cat Ridout
8 2006-05-31 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach
2.5 - 18cm Cat Ridout
5 2005-06-09 Blackstone Reef
Blackstone Reef
Cat Ridout
1 under rock in low tide rockpool 9cm across 1 in crevice on lower shore 14cm across.
In crevices and under rocks at low shore
9 2006-04-29 South coast of Lindisfarne near the harbour.
Cat Ridout
2006-09-09 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach. Very low spring tide. 0.3m
Abundant Cat Ridout
1 2006-09-09
Polzeath, Cornwall. Reef at N end of beach.
Guy Baker
1 2006-10-18
Lynmouth Beach E at low tide.
Low tide thomas pounder
1 2005-06-14
Princess Ena Brittany. Depth 42m under water vis >12m water temp 14c.
Under wreck plate Ca 8cm Sonia Rowley
2 2005-09-17
Start bay. Tinsley reef. Shingly bottom vis < 1m.
Cl=15cm wide Sonia Rowley
2 2005-06-13
Wreck of the Fetlar. Depth 20m >17m u/water vis
Inside wreck Sonia Rowley
1 2007-03-16 Lee Bay
Lee Bay, near Ilfracombe, North devon
Just moulted, approx 4cm Caroline Roberts
Strandline Kathryn Turner
Shells on strandline Kathryn Turner
Frequent 2007-04-03
Mount Batten Beach
Many found under rocks on the mid and lower shore Milly Hatton-Brown
Small (under 2cm width) under rocks with sandy bottom semi wet areas
1 2007-05-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
rockpool, crevices between 1cm and 8cm
Occasional 2007-05-03 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
Common 2007-05-15 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
4 2007-05-16 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
Common 2007-05-17 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
common 2007-05-17
hen cliff kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella
6 2007-05-31 Downend
Downend, rocky headland between Croyde & Saunton
Hiding in brevices, small to large Paula Ferris
1 2006-06-17
Cellars beach, yealm estuary, devon
small Jon Parr
2 2007-06-17 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Dorset
Polly Whyte
2 2007-07-31 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury.
Cat Ridout
Occasional 2007-08-02 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
Abundant 2007-08-03 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks (very low tide, went further down lower shore)
Cat Ridout
1 2007-09-26 Lynmouth
Really low tide mark tony jones
5 2007-09-29
Oxwich Point, Gower
in crevices Judith Oakley
6 2007-10-11
Barricane Beach towards Grunta, woolacombe
2 at >10cm, rest around 6cm, in low shore gulley in cracks & on rocks under weed Paula Ferris
2007-10-26 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Swansea, Wales
Lower shore Shore Thing
5 2008-04-09
various sizes, in crevices Paula Ferris
Present 2008-06-06
Batten Bay, Mount Batten, Plymouth
Seashore Safari
1 2008-06-19 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks wembury beach
Cat Ridout
1 2008-05-26 Whitley Bay
Between Collywell Bay Seaton Sluice and St Mary's Whitley Bay
Male 4"across shell Pete McNaughton
2 2008-06-22
Yealm Estuary
One just moulted Jon Parr
common 2008-07-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
under rocks Cat Ridout
3 2008-07-24 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
Cat Ridout
3 2008-08-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks.
Cat Ridout
Rare 2008-10-17
Cawsand beach
2 seen Milly Hatton-Brown
Abundant 2009-04-07 Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
1 Large, numerous smaller 2009-04-08 Lee Bay
Nr Ilfracombe
Large, 13 cms, buried in sand under stone, low water Paula Ferris
Common 2009-04-09 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
Common 2009-04-10 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
4 2009-04-11 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
1 2009-04-24 Aberavon beach
Near the break water at Aberavon beach
On the honey comb worm reef Adrian Cooke
1 2009-05-12 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
3 2009-05-24 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
5 2009-05-24 West Runton Beach
Littoral zone
Under rocks in rock pools. Jeff Blincow
15 2009-07-06 Mount Batten
Rocky beach situated just out of Plymouth Sound. Exposed to harsh weather conditions and strong currents.
Under rock Liz Bone
Common 2009-07-18 Eastbourne, below Pinnacle
Mainly soft bedrock with pools and some pebble and sandy areas. Storms previous day and persistant strong wind. Some unidentified hydroids (?Obelia) also found 2 metre low tide so water level fairly high
Mainly seen in a fisherman's bait bucket Nigel Sawyer
Common 2009-08-21 Cow Gap near Eastbourne
Beach consisting mainly of bolders, cobbles, pebbles with patchs of clay and sand.
Under stones Nigel Sawyer
Uncommon 2009-08-31 Herne Bay Kent
Below \"soft cliffs\" mainly sandy with some pools and bedrock of sandy clay. Some boulders on the shore often seaweed covered
Some large carpaces c.150mm washed up on the shore Nigel Sawyer
7 2009-09-09 Scarborough Holbeck
Location was at low tide, around 1.10 mark
Found in smaller numbers than Necora puber, at heavier weight on average. richard white
2 2009-09-21 Eastbourne Pier
The pier at Eastbourne. Sandy beach below shingle with some soft bedrock with pools. In addition to the list Mactra stultrom common, as were hydroids (unidentified on the pier structure)
1 large carpace washed up on shore and small individual under a stone Nigel Sawyer
1 2009-09-07 Aberavon Beach
Aberavon Beach, Wales
Seen in bottom of rockpool Traethmelyn Primary School Doyle
1 2009-11-01 Fleetwood North
Sunken car park in Fleetwood, Lancashire.
North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
6 2009-03-15 Kentallen
Sloping rock wall
Seen walking accross gravel substrate and also in crevices/ under rocks. maximum size carapace roughly 20cm Kieran Curran
4 2010-03-02 Greencliff, near Westward Ho
Semi exposed rocky shore, facing north west, wave cut platform with gullies, some sand at low water
Small crabs wedged into crevices and under stones, mid to low shore Paula Ferris
5 2010-03-16 Hartland Quay
Rocky shore below the former quay, wave cut platform of differentially eroded sandstone & slate beds alongside sandy bay
Mainly small animals, under small boulders Paula Ferris
1 2010-04-21 Cow Gap, Beachy Head Sussex
Rock pools and sandstone area. Area of sand and some mud/ sand patches amongst the boulders and other rocks. Jaera sp also seen. Pools near the cliff had the seaweed Dumontia incrassata and shells of Mactra stultorum were also found (neither listed in DB)
Seen under stone Nigel Sawyer
1 2010-04-25 Hope Gap, Seaford, Sussex
Low tide on chalk platform boulders, pebbles, with gulleys present lower on shore
Found under a stone Nigel Sawyer
Rare 2010-05-15 Holbeck, Scarborough
Rocky shore with large tidal pools, kelp forest and bare sediment
Anthony Hurd
19 2010-08-15 Church Bay
Out at sea. Approximately 20-25m deep.
Thomas Busbridge
2010-06-17 Whitstable, Kent
Off the Marine Parade in Whitstable Coastal pebbly beach Groynes present
Bekah Simpson
5 2010-08-19 Church Bay
Out at sea.
Thomas Busbridge
7 2010-09-09 Westward Ho!
Semi-exposed shore, rocky shore at end sandy beach, rock platform cut by gullies and pools, sand at low tide
Under boulders mid/low shore Paula Ferris
10 2010-10-06 Plimont, Guernsey
Semi enclosed bay, sand with outcrops of rock perpemdicular to low water mark. Associated with the outcrops are motile stones and pools. (many alga species in rock pools dieing back)
Under rocks. Mostly juviniles. Tabitha Pearman
abundant 2011-01-20 Portreath harbour entrance
A narrow North Cornwall coast harbour. Very exposed. Some sand/mud, some loose rocks.Mostly hard rock.
Small specimens under most rocks. to 60mm Treve Opie
1 29/01/2011 Crosby Beach
Shore at Crosby beach, on the Mersey estuary.Merseyside
claw on beach Susan McManus
>10 05/02/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach
Rocky shore to the left and right hand sides of the beach.
Kristie Wilkinson
>5 05/03/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth
Rocky shore
Kristie Wilkinson
8 08/04/2011 Mount Edgecumbe
The rocky shore around the point of Mount Edgecumbe.
Quite small, in rockpools Bex House
Uncommon 16/04/2011 Weymouth Beach
Large sandy beach with large areas of worm holes and casts. Mactra stulturom common and so were the broken (large!) shell of Ensis siliqua (neither in the DB list)
washed up remains Nigel Sawyer
1 16/04/2011 Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Rocky shore below Nothe Gardens towards the Stone Pier. Some shells look more like Venerupis rhomboides than sengalensis. Some unidentified small shrimps/ prawns seen in wide crevices
Seen under stone Nigel Sawyer
15 02/06/2011 Batten Bay
Rocky shore at Mount Batten
Marlin Beach Rangers
2 01/06/2011 Devil's Point
Rocky shore at Devil's Point
Marlin Beach Rangers
Common 22/07/2011 Hope Gap Sussex
Chalk platform. 1m low tide and investigated area straight in front of the steps. Many cobbles and stones in the gulleys which were turned and looked at. A bootlace worm, encrusting bryozoan, a couple of unidentitied (and not photographed) chitons also seen - had to escape the rising tide)
Under stones near low tide mark. Upto 60mm but one really large carapace almost twice that size seen on the strandline Nigel Sawyer
6 02/08/2011 Devil's Point
Rocky shore
Marlin Beach Rangers
10 08/08/2011 Loch Long, Arrochar
Sea Loch
In rock crevices & on sand bottom also amongst kelp at various depths. From 5cm-25cm dia. A large number of dead calcified carapace uneaten by scavangers. Gordon Greenan
Common 28/09/2011 Eastbourne
Chalk platform in the east and sandy areas at low tide with soft rock and rock pools.
Under rocks Nigel Sawyer
10 24/09/2011 Swanage
Water depths of 2m to 30m with water temperature of 18 degrees C.
Numerous sightings between 3m and 30m deep. Julian Madle
4 04/09/2011 St Abbs
Coastal rocky areas, north of Berwick up on Tweed, near Eyemouth in Scotland.
Adults at a depth of 15 to 20m Julian Madle
frequent 10/03/2012 Greencliff
Moderately exposed rocky shore. Wave-cut platform with infrequent sandy gullies. Frequent small pools. Entire upper shore comprising very dynamic large pebble ridge.
Commonly found under stones. Various sizes, usually 3cm to 9cm across carapace. Largest, about 13cm, seen in sandy-bottomed crevice. Middle & lower shore. Robert Durrant
4 04/06/2012 Porth Dinllaen
Over the wreck of the Gwynfaen
Matt Ellis
Abundant 04/06/2012 Greencliff
Area of overhanging rock strata running at right-angles to the sea, with gullies open to NW, often sandy-bottomed. Lower part of wave-cut platform, with upper beach comprising large and very dynamic pebble ridge backed by high cliffs. Erosion of softer rock has created many shady crevices.
The most commonly found crab on lower and middle levels of this beach, found under very many stones, partially buried in sand, and larger specimens in crevices. Robert Durrant
Rare 17/06/2012 Splash Point, Seaford
Chalk platform and shingle beach
Broken carapaces of various sizes seen Nigel Sawyer