Recording Marine Life

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Records of Caprella mutica

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
four collected from end of causeway at low water 2008-08-03
Causeway at Woolverstone Marina, Suffolk
Ernie Ives
1,000s 2009-06-10 Lamlash
Lamlash Bay on the Isle of Arran
They are on our mussel long lines we would like to know more about them William Currie
30 2009-06-13 Carrick Castle
On a mooring rope, in Carrick Bay
All over mooring rope Sarah Brown
hundreds 2010-08-21 Grimsby Marina
The lift out at Grimsby Marina, north Lincolnshire
all over the hull below the water line C D Daniel
1 2010-08-13 Fishcombe Cove
Zostera Marina (eelgrass) meadows in Torbay, South Devon, UK
seen amongst the zostera marina seagrass leaves approximately 15mm (I am also emailing images). It was stained with Rose Bengol as living. saeed sadri