Recording Marine Life

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Records of Cepola rubescens

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2004-11 Millbay Pit
Millbay Pit, near Plymouth
Stony level bottom, 42 bcd. Individuals often in open. Up to 60 cm in length. Seen on 4 out of 6 recent dives when none seen on previous 100. Roger Dadds
1 2007-08-08
Approx 4 kms North of Eddystone Lighthouse
Dead, floating just below surface Richard Lowerson
1 2007-07-00
Eigg in 30 meters of water on a muddy substrate
in burrow Melanie Harding
3 2007-06-24 Plymouth Sound
Inside the breakwater of Plymouth Sound.
Caught them on a makerel lure separately, and released them all. They averaged approx. 36 inches RUBY TAYLOR
1 25/11/2011 Whitsands Bay, Cornwall
My dog fetched a dead one from the rocks at the bottom of the path to the Eddy Stone Cafe, just below the lifguard station. The sandy beach is topped by large rounded boulders and rocks. There was a spring high tide that day (25/11/2011) and the fish was found around 7pm.
My dog recovered from the rocks. It was dead. about 30cm long and freshly dead. Robert Milton
1 25/02/2012 Fishcombe Cove, Brixham
In a kayak just outside Fishcombe Cove, Brixham
Caught on crabline with mackerel feathers through fin. I have two photos I can e-mail if of interest of fish in water before it escaped. Penny Robson
1 12/04/2012 Plymouth
100 metres south of Plymouth breakwater
caught on feathers then released back. Barry Grose
3 12/05/2012 Troon
Off Troon Harbour, West Coast
Regularly seen in nets Andrew Watson