Recording Marine Life

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Records of Chrysaora hysoscella

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2003-07-18
Silecroft, Cumbria
A number seen stranded in the outgoing tide. Lynette Gilligan
1 2003-07-11
Constantine Bay - rocky shore with sandy inlets & gullies
Dead, almost fully transparent. Seen in a pool.
1 2004-07-28 Porth Ysgarden
Off Porth Ysgarden, Tudweiliog
1 mile offshore. amongst large number of Lions Mane jellyfish or Cyanea lamarckii ? Pete Wilkinson
4 2004-08-01 Wembury Bay
Wembury Bay (NT) Plymouth, Devon
On surface and deep water Nick Farman
1 2002-08-04 Wembury Bay
Wembury Bay (NT) Plymouth, Devon
On surface and deep water Nick Farman
5 2004-08-06 Wembury Bay
Wembury Bay (NT) Plymouth, Devon
Deep water and shoreline Nick Farman
Very common 2004-08-14 Padstow
Near Padstow - rocks at edge of sandy beach and mouth of River Camel.
Some washed onto beach, some in shallow water over sand. Jack Sewell
1 2004-08-01 South Milton Sands
South Milton Sands, nr Thurlestone
Seen 20ft from beach on own bathing around. 6ft in lenght with tentacles. Martin Frederico
1 2004-08-09 Looe River
Looe River, Cornwall
Seen swimming in river. Tom Rogers
1 2004-09-25 Porthtowan
Porthtowan beach
decayed on strandline, approx 15 cm diameter Wendy Henwood
1 2004-12-05
camel estuary 1 mile north of Padstow. Sandy beach along estuary.
washed up on beach very recently. Still in wash zone Jack Sewell
1 2004-08-08 Donegal Bay
North east coast of Donegal Bay, near Killybegs harbour.
open water near the shore Malcolm Houston
1 2005-06-29
Kingswear marina, Dartmouth, Devon
in marina Judith Oakley
1 2005-07-24
Portwrinkle bay, Cornwall
in sea but dead Judith Oakley
3 2005-08-03
Berry Head, Brixham
medium sized individuals, about 20cm across Dan Lear
1 2005-08-02
Far pontoon, Queen Anne's Battery marina
in marina Judith Oakley
1 2005-08-02
Far pontoon, Queen Anne's Battery marina
in marina Judith Oakley
5 2005-07-14 Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Harbour, Devon
Only very small specimens seen Charlotte Bettle
5 2005-07-14 Ilfracombe
Ilfracombe Harbour, Devon
Only very small specimens seen Charlotte Bettle
1 2005-08-08 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks, Wembury beach
seen whilst swimming early evening, by rocks on right of beach, bell approx 100-110mm diameter. Cat Ridout
2 2005-08-12 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach, Plymouth
Both alive and approx 100m from beach, spotted about 2hrs after low tide. approx bell diameter 1x 130mm and 1x110 mm Cat Ridout
4 2005-08-19 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach, Plymouth
One washed up on beach approx bell diameter 10cm, 1 washed up on rocks, one in rockpool and one in sea at swimming depth - not sure of distance off shore exactly, stung swimmer. Cat Ridout
1 2005-08-17
Weymouth beach opposite Jubilee Clock
Washed up on the beach in a pool left by the tide. It was about 11cm in diameter. David O'Daly
around 30 2005-08-30
Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall
Stranded and mostly broken up. Guy Baker
one 2006-01-20 Squires Gate
Beach at Squires Gate between Blackpool and St. Annes
Small, about 8 inches diameter. Washed up dead. Pamela Irving
1 2006-07-25
Between Salcombe Harbour and Start Point
Alive swimming in open sea Judith Oakley
1 2006-07-25
Jennycliff Beach, Plymouth
Stranded dead on shore Judith Oakley
Dead in stream 20 cm diameter
All swimming in marina, one very large specimen.
Alive and swimming. Approx One 150mm Dia. other 200mm Dia
Both dead and stranded on rocks in rockpools, neither had many tentacles
15 2006-09-09 Sandymouth bay
Sandymouth bay North Cornwall
Washed up on beach many had hyperia galba living inside Steve Trewhella
16 2006-09-07 Sandymouth bay
Sandymouth bay. North Cornwall (nr Bude)
Washed up on shore Steve Trewhella
1 2007-07-27
kimmeridge beach
small chunk/dead Steve Trewhella
two 2007-08-07
Babbacombe Bay, Torquay
one midwater - one on seabed Paul Newland
Seen floating alive in a shallow stream between sand banks during low tide. Bell diameter approx 20-25cm. Ryan Goodall
3 2008-07-12 County Mayo
Beach between Claggan Point and Corraun Point, Blacksod Bay, County Mayo, ROI
All dead, adults Graham McElwaine
2 2008-07-30
Shoreham Beach, opposite Widewater Lagoon.
one alive one dead, in shallow water (1m deep) off shore. Janine Barden
1 2009-05-23 Zetland Pier
Small pier and surrounding shore diving area. Rocky/sandy bottom which has about 7m of water at high tide and 2m at low.
Float off slip (open water). About 10cm diameter. Joe Bater
10000000 2009-06-09 Kocaeli Turkey
Gulf of Izmit, Kocaeli Turkey
This is not a species we used to see in our waters ( we have never seen it before actually),they are all around in the Izmit bay last month, and increasing everyday. Could it be related to marine pollution or what? Some Experts say they have been carried by the overseas vessel\'s and released from the ballasts, and some says it is Just related to sea pollution... Ercan Poyraz
1 2009-06-27 Freshwater bay, Isle of Wight
Shallow waters with stoney beaches and surrounding cliffs
Seen swimming in the shallows around mid-morning. Approximately 8-10 in diameter with 15-20 long tentacles. My snorkeling buddy actually swam into it head first but luckily was not stung by it! Matt Dearden
1 2009-06-27 Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.
Highly active. At the east end of the bay, about twenty metres out from the cliffs, in shallow water over a rock shelf. Ian Ferguson
1 2009-07-03 Goodrington Sands, Paignton
North Sands
Dead on beach. Approx. 7in diameter bell. Caroline Northcott
1 2009-07-30 Poppit Sands
Poppit Sands at the mouth of the River Teifi near Cardigan, Ceredigion
Seen in the shallows on the shore. Definately the Compass Jellyfish - have photo that clearly shows the radial markings around a central circle and have cross referenced with jellyfish images on-line. Pete Kent
20 2009-08-13 Lough Swilly, Co. Donegal, Eire
Fahan Marina, Lough Swilly, and in Lough Swilly crossing the Inch Flats towards Rathmullan. Multiple sightings of Compass Jellyfish
Free moving in marina and in open water, at or near surface in tidal waters with depths from one metre to 20 metres. Tide was flowing out at the time. Robert Parke
3 2010-06-12 Berry Head, Brixham, Devon
deepish water off rocks on coastline
seen swimming close to rocks heidi blakesley
2 2010-08-10 llangranog
mid wales coast
compass jellyfish caught at high tide from beach with nets andrew sigrist
1 05/08/2010 Bigbury - on - Sea
In rock pools by beach at low tide
In rockpool Jo Foster
10 30/06/2011 Bayble, isle of Lewis
Bayble bay Approx 1km north of the bay and approx 100m out to sea.
floating around kayaks, largest approx 20cm in diameter, smaller ones approx 10cm. Lucy Blake
100 26/07/2011 County Kerry
Ring of Beara, Ring of Kerry and Dingle peninsula
Numerous in water and washed up on beach, in one section of beach (Coss Strand, Kenmare) counted 86 before giving up. stephen harrison
2 06/08/2011 Batten Bay
Rocky shore at Mt Batten
In rockpool and on beach, one may have been dead already. Marlin Beach Rangers
50-100 10/08/2011 Bangor
A beach near Bangor pier
Many washed up on the shore, a few seen pulsating along the Menai strait. Sizes range from 10cm diameter to 25cm. Rhys Morgan