Recording Marine Life

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Records of Chthamalus stellatus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
v. abundant 2007-03-21
West Hoe by water front pub, Plymouth
Encrusting rocks upper-lower shore Jon Parr
abunant 2005-08-14
rocky coast on coastal walk between compass and castle cove dartmouth (westside) increased sun exposure till sundown no fresh H2O inlets.
high-lowershore Sonia Rowley
Abundant >100 per 0.01 m squared 2008-07-09
Rocks at Westport, Kintyre, Argyll & Bute
Robin Harvey
cca,. 100 in 18x18 cm square 2009-03-01 Sveti Filip i Jakov
Sveti Filip i Jakov, Croatia
Extremely large specimens Ivana Zubak
05/02/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach
Rocky shore to the left and right hand sides of the beach.
Kristie Wilkinson