Recording Marine Life

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Records of Ciliata mustela

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2005-04-09
Langerstone Point
20cm, edge of large pool under rock Katherine Hill
1 2005-08-20 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach, Plymouth
Low tide gully. Size = 12cm length Cat Ridout
1 2005-09-18 Blackstone Rocks
Wembury beach - Blackstone rocks
approx 10cm, low shore rockpool Cat Ridout
1 2005-10-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
under rock in large low shore pool, approx 15cm length Cat Ridout
1 2005-10-04 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
very low shore in rockpool, approx 12cm long Cat Ridout
3 2005-09-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth
Under rocks in pools Judith Oakley
Present 2006-03-01
Kimmeridge bay
Steve Trewhella
1 2006-05-11 Blackstone Rocks
Wembury Blackstone Rocks
mid shore 17cm Cat Ridout
In kelp bed area exposed a low tide approx. 10cm long
1 2006-09-09 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach. Very low spring tide. 0.3m
10cm Cat Ridout
1 2007-09-29
Oxwich Point, Gower
large one under boulder Judith Oakley
1 2007-10-11
Barricane Beach towards Grunta, woolacombe
under weed, low shore, 12cm Paula Ferris
2 2007-10-26 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Gower - 3/4 of way along from beach
under boulder Judith Oakley
1 2007-10-25 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Swansea
Shore Thing
4 2008-03-06
Lee Bay near Ilfracombe
amongst weed on rocks at low tide, up tp 20cms Paula Ferris
uncommon 2008-07-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
under rocks and in seaweed Cat Ridout
1 2008-08-02 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
Cat Ridout
7 2009-05-24 West Runton Beach
Littoral zone
Under rocks in rock pools. Photograph available - showing 5 barbels. Jeff Blincow
1 2010-03-02 Greencliff, near Westward Ho
Semi exposed rocky shore, facing north west, wave cut platform with gullies, some sand at low water
low shore rock pool under stone Paula Ferris
1 2010-03-16 Hartland Quay
Rocky shore below the former quay, wave cut platform of differentially eroded sandstone & slate beds alongside sandy bay
Under weed low shore Paula Ferris
Rare 2010-04-17 North Landing, Flamborough
Mainly chalk bedrock with cobbles and boulders- about 1/3 of the side is exposed rock. Live cover is mainly algae with limpits being far less abundant.
Anthony Hurd
Rare 2010-05-15 Holbeck, Scarborough
Rocky shore with large tidal pools, kelp forest and bare sediment
Anthony Hurd
1 2010-09-09 Snapes Point Devon
Sheltered Rocky shore with mud around rocks at lower shore level
Just discarded from a local persons prawn net. Caught about CDatum Jo Corke
common 2011-01-20 Portreath harbour entrance
A narrow North Cornwall coast harbour. Very exposed. Some sand/mud, some loose rocks.Mostly hard rock.
all under rocks in water Treve Opie
1 02/06/2011 Batten Bay
Rocky shore at Mount Batten
Marlin Beach Rangers
1 01/06/2011 Devil's Point
Rocky shore at Devil's Point
Marlin Beach Rangers
1 26/06/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform with seaweed covering
Under stone with a Shanny. Very easy to id from the phots with the 5 "beards" Nigel Sawyer
1 06/08/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform at low tide (1.2m) Several unidentified seaweeds seen and two scale worms (?Harmothoe impar). ALso Halurus equisetifolius which does not appear in the list
Individual found under stone. At least this is a distinctive fish! Nigel Sawyer
5 08/03/2012 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
north facing sheltered rocky shore, good seaweed cover, gullies crevices & pools
15 - 20 cms, under stones and weed, low shore shallow pools Paula Ferris
4 08/05/2012 Albion Sands
Sandy SW-facing beach, sheltered by Gateholm to S & W,flanked by cliffs, with some outcropping strata central and W edge, & large boulder field E edge.
Easily found by looking under large stones, mid-shore Robert Durrant