Recording Marine Life

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Records of Corynactis viridis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
Rocky headland at North end of Gwynver Beach, near Sennen.
On vertical rock face at 2-3 m depth. (>20). Guy Baker
P 2003-06-29
Wreck of the Black Hawk, south of Portland Bill
Small patch Charles Whitworth
P 2003-09-17
Raglan Reef, Manacles, Cornwall
Numerous Charles Whitworth
P 2004-01-04
"The Fields" - aprox 1 mile SSE of Dodman Point, Cornwall.
Hundreds covering verical sides of reef. Chris Bunney
O 2004-04-18
Lampay Island reef, Isle of Skye
Occassional on overhanging areas of rock wall at approx 15m Alison Fish
O 2004-08-30 A'Chuli
East of A'Chuli, Garvellachs. Firth of Lorn
Keith Hiscock
P 2005-02-10
Plymouth Hoe to the west of the Waterfront pub, Lowtide on rocks
Large clusters in gulleys and overhangs, very low tide Jon Parr
Abundant 2005-06-18
Hat rock, up to 37 meters deep, underwater visibility 9 meters.
Large colonies of same colour forms, occasionally solitary towards shallows. Sonia Rowley
Abundant 2005-06-18
Hellopes wreck in Penzance bay, 36 meters deep, underwater visibility 12 meters, afternoon dive. Little water running. SE 4 wind. Water temperature 14 C
Loads of different colour varieties scattered over wreckage. Sonia Rowley
Common 2005-06-19
Wreck of the Italia off St. Agnes, Scilly Isles. 39 meters deep, underwater visibility >12 meters, water temperature 13 degrees. No water speed and weather calm with variable 1!! Afternoon dive. Wreck broken up on rocks.
Common on rock faces and sides of wreckage. Sonia Rowley
Common 2005-06-20
Wreck of the Cita, Scilly Isles. 35 meters deep, under water visibility 18 meters, water temperature 12 degrees. Weather excellent, no wind and no water current. Wreckage in amongst jewel anemone encrusted rocks. Morning dive.
Encrusting surrounding rocks and more exposed flat areas of wreckage. Sonia Rowley
1 2005-10-11
Lynmouth east
in pools mill lane
1 2006-01-17
Sillery Sands, Lynmouth.
Seen in the splash zone Bampton Newman
2 2006-06-05
In rockpools
Many colour morphs, on, extreme lower shore rock, i associated colours upto 1cm
Abundant 2007-10-26 Tunnels beach, Ilfracombe
Tunnels Beach, Ilfracombe
as for cup corals Paula Ferris
++ DD/MM/YYYY Bigbury Bay
Persier wrech, Bigbury Bay, Devon
Trish Carter
10 2009-07-24 Tunnels Beach, North Devon
Rocky shore, slatey sand, 2 private beaches accessed by tunnel with Victorian bathing pool commercially exploited as visitor attraction.
Very approx number, above cup corals, closed and obscured by weed. Paula Ferris