Recording Marine Life

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Records of Crangon crangon

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2002-03-28
Batten Bay, nr Plymouth
seen in lower shore rock pool Caroline Farrell
O 2002-09-07
Batten Bay, Mount Batten, Plymouth Sound.
Occasional, seen on a Seashore Safari in rock pools Samuel Parr
C 2004-07-18 Achmelvich beach
Achmelvich beach, Sutherland
Common Liam Mason
C 2002-07
Blue Pool, Porthrush, east of Ramore Head
Common Deirdre Walsh
100 2004-09-19 Osmington Mills
Osmington Mills beach, Dorset
In rock pools Rossie Mayhew
10 2004-10-26 Church Reef
Wembury beach
Rockpool Stephanie Coates
P 2004-08-28 Marden rocks
Marden rocks, Alnmouth. About 300m off shore
The sea seems full of thes small shrimp similar to North atlantic prawn but more translucent with dark red lines. Sized from 12 to 40 mm we only see what clings on to the pots which have 70mm mesh and can have up to 20 shrimps on each. They were about in the autumn of last year up till christmas but this year much more abundant and seen since about mid August Michael Bould
P 2005-02-01
Southampton water
Abi Birkett
20 2005-05-21
Jamie Walls
40+ 2006-07-13 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
A few 2006-06-06
Lynmouth Foreshore East at midtide.
Rock pools Madley Brook School
5 2006-04-29 South coast of Lindisfarne near the harbour.
Cat Ridout
5 2003-03-23 Fleetwood north
Fleetwood north, Flyde coast
Dead Kathryn Turner
2003-07-27 Fleetwood north
Fleetwood north.
Kathryn Turner
0.4KG 2009-06-19 Ventry Harbour
Ventry Harbour is a horseshoe shaped beach with a mixture of sand and gravel in the centre of the beach and a rocky outcrop to the southern end. Two small streams enter the beach along the northern end of the beach. Ventry Harbour is a generally shallow area with depths averaging 2m.
Caught in Seine Net Declan Mac Gabhann
1 2009-11-01 Fleetwood North
Sunken car park in Fleetwood, Lancashire.
North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
NA 2009-08-13 Blackpool Central - South Shore
Sandy beach
Alive North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
Occasional 2010-05-15 Holbeck, Scarborough
Rocky shore with large tidal pools, kelp forest and bare sediment
Anthony Hurd
6 02/07/2011 Corton
Sand and shingle beach with occassional areas of exposed hard substratum comprising 'soft' sedimentary rock in which shallow pools have formed. Groynes and wooden defenders situated near the mid tide mark behind which pools have formed.
In rock pools Tabitha Pearman