Recording Marine Life

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Records of Delphinus delphis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
12 2003-02-27
Open ocean, South West UK
12 in group 1 with calf Georgina Budd
P 2002-07-14
Approx 15 miles off Howth Head, Dublin. Sea state 1. Depth 56.4 metres and water temperature of 13.2
Large school of 150 -200 common dolphin swimming, bow-riding and breaching for 10 minutes. Associated seabirds included common gull, manx shearwater and gannets. Bearing 000 N Gary Burrows
20 - 30 2004-07-26 St Mary's Channel
South of St Mary's Channel, Scillies, approx 5 miles (lat/long estimated).
Pod initially seen under flock of gannets diving for fish. It broke off to circle the yacht and ride the bow wave for about 5 minutes before dispersing. John Hepburn
>20 2005-07-09
English Channel.
0830 BST moving west. Penelope Rowley
2 2005-07-17 North St. Agnes,
North St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly
8.30 BST North of St.Agnes playing & travelling in a NW direction Sonia Rowley
6 2006-06-03
Diving SW of Lundy
Keith Denby
6 2006-06-03
South West of Lundy
Keith Denby
1 2008-03-09
Half mile south of East end Plymouth Breakwater
Young, dead in water, head wound, possibly from net or prop Mark Prior
8 or 9 2008-04-26 Offshore Rame Head
Offshore Rame Head
Came to the RIB and spent some time playing in the bow wave before going to another boat. (image available) Brian Watts
Over 100 2008-06-06 East of Scalpay
1.5nm East of Scalpay, Loch Tarbert, Harris
Two large groups, one from the South and one from the West converged on our boat. Stayed for about 15 min and then left as one group. Norman Jackson
50 2009-06-02 Pembrokeshire Coast
Offshore from Pembroke. Wind NE3, baro 1010, bright sun
huge pod, stayed with us for an hour or so, seemed to be mother and baby teams would come to the boat in squads fo 4 to ride the bow wave and then head off again. Some leaping clear of the water. Sarah Brown
12 2010-08-08 Pendeen Point, Cornwall
2 miles off Pendeen Point, Cornwall, initial contact in the overfalls.
Approached the boat in the overfalls off Pendeen Point. One large male, 2 juvenile males, at least 4 females with calves, possibly 4 other juveniles. Male had distinctive scar 20cm behind dorsal fin on left side. Phillip REES
10 29/07/2011 Sea off North Devon between Clovelly and Hartland Quay
Sea up to about a mile offshore in North Devon.
Jay Nicholson
several hundred 30/05/2012 Forties, North Sea
Aboard drilling rig Rowan Gorilla VII approx 6km NE of offshore platform Forties Echo in the North Sea, sector 22/6a.
stood watching them go by for a good 5 minutes Mark Taylor