Recording Marine Life

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Records of Dosima fascicularis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2005-07-27
Min Larach (Meenlaragh), Donegal, North coast Republic of Ireland.
100 colonies approx Stranding on incoming tide. Numerous others partially buried and decomposing on strandline 2 days later Ewan Kane
10-20 in o 2005-08-14 Bushfoot Strand
Bushfoot Strand, Bushmills, North Antrim coast.
Washed up on beach, all individuals grouped together and still attached to their 'float'. Matthew Porter
1 2006-11-10 Chesil Cove
chesil; cove
on same peice of plastic as lepas pectinata Steve Trewhella
1 2006-08
Carrigart beach, Mulroy Bay, co. Donnegal, Ireland. Lat-Long: 55.17 (5510') | -7.79 (-747')
Floating around 10 metres off shore (not beached) Verity Roberts
Polzeath, beach & rocks to north of beach.
Stranded on shore, mainly damaged, a few still alive Paula Ferris
20+ 2007-07-27
kimmeridge beach
all inside small plastic buoy Steve Trewhella
11 2007-08-19
Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall, UK
Seen in individual and small groups (up to 5) shell 1.5-2 cm, washed up on beach after the tide had gone out. Can email photo for someone to check species. Virginia Lam
2 2007-08-31 Yellow Strand
Yellow Strand, County Sligo
Alive. Each one with a float but only one animal per float. Small size for species (c.15mm) Don Cotton
about 30 animals 2007-09-00
Washed ashore at the island of Schiermonnikoog (The Netherlands) 53.504282N, 6.225128E
Maximum 4 together Thijs de Boer
5 2007-10-07
One colony Pete Spurr
rare 2008-01-08 Chesil Cove
Chesil beach dorset
on fish box Steve Trewhella
5 2008-08-12
broadbench nr kimmeridge
on foam Steve Trewhella
more than hundred 2010-07-30 Beach north of Søndervig
normal sandy North Sea beach
washed on the beach after a day with strom storm from west Thomas Ols Eggers