Recording Marine Life

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Records of Dromia personata

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
Frequent 2003-06-19
Reefs 300- 400 metres offshore Abercastle, North Pembrokeshire.
This crab covers itself with whatever sponge is the most abundant on a reef e.g. Cliona celata on most, but Esperiopsis fucorum on a couple. Jen Jones
1 2004-07-26 Lundy Island
West coast just below northwest point lighthouse, Lundy Island , Bristol Channel
Brought up in experimental lobster pot with large yellow sponge hat on head. Female berried. Put back with hat. Photos available on request. Holly Sheldon
1 2005-06-18 Skomer
North wall,Skomer,west Wales.
In crevice at 18 metres depth,covered with boring sponge. Clive Ellis
one 2005-09-05
stackpole head. south pembrokeshire. wales. water depth 10 meters.
in rock structure. Huw baker
1 2007-11-20
8 Miles North of Newquay
Female, found at 30m on flat, sandy substrate. (Verified by Andy Holmes of Blue Reef Aquarium, Newquay) M Slater
1 2009-07-05 Combe Martin Bay
On reef area approx. half mile from shore. Exact position available on request.
Caught walking over reef. No sponge cover on back. Approx 150mm across back. Approx 13m Shaun Galliver
1 2009-08-22 Lundy Island, West side
Off Devil\'s slide area in approx 30m.
Recovered lost lobster pot and D. Personanta inside. Alive but damaged. Approx 100mm across back. Released where found. Shaun Galliver
1 2010-09-26 Skomer Island
North Wall, Skomer Island, Pembs.
Sponge crab, Dromia personata. Carapace app. 12-15inches across. Large sponge on its back. Rhys Pockett