Recording Marine Life

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Records of Dysidea fragilis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
Common 2010-03-02 Greencliff, near Westward Ho
Semi exposed rocky shore, facing north west, wave cut platform with gullies, some sand at low water
Low shore on steep rocks wet places Paula Ferris
small patch 2010-07-15 Tunnels, Ilfracombe
Rocky shore below Ladies Pool at Tunnels beach, verticals, overhangs and gulleys, some flat boulders..7m tide, but rough sea, no access surge gullies
on underside boulder Paula Ferris
10 2010-09-09 Westward Ho!
Semi-exposed shore, rocky shore at end sandy beach, rock platform cut by gullies and pools, sand at low tide
oN ROCKS LOW TIDE Paula Ferris
2 2010-10-08 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
rock gullies leading into exposed kelp band below low lines of rocks parallel to shore
Small lobed mounds Paula Ferris
numerous 19/02/2011 Downend Croyde
Low shore gullies off NW SE fault line across shore platform
Small colonies scattered on wet low shore rocks Paula Ferris
abundant 19/02/2011 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Low shore rocks & gullies adjacent nearly parallel to sea, leading into kelp strewn with flat stones/boulders
colonies scattered on sheltered low shore rocks Paula Ferris
1 02/10/2011 The Waldrons
'Reef' system made up of numerous sandstone boulders of various sizes. Some as large as 3m in diameter.
Diving in approx 11m of water at 17 deg C. Specimen was about 20cm in diameter.