Recording Marine Life

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Records of Eriocheir sinensis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 1998-11-17 Teign Estuary
About 2km east of Teignmouth.
Female, 0.1kg. Pale olive topside, ivory underside, 'hairy' tufts under each pincer. Carapace width 6cm, length 5.4cm. Right Chela 3.5cm, left chela 3.5cm. Derek Clifton
LOTS 2005-10-07
In three lakes and connecting waterways. Keith Bateman
1 2004-07-18
Sandwich Bay near Ramsgate, Kent.
Peter Lawson
Taken live from power station intake screen
one 2008-02-21
Camber, East Sussex - sandy shore
Found dead on shore by Margaret & Kenneth Bird. Brought in to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve 10 days later. Male. Carapace width 7cm, 29cm across legs Chris Bentley
1 2008-08-02
Harlow Common Pond, Foster Street, Harlow. Managed by Harlow Council
ben smethurst
On the river Ouse just outside York
John Anderson
1 2008-08-19
500 metres east of river medway, near aylesford.
seen on footpath. 50mm body diameter.estimated 250mm diameter with legs out stretched. martin porter
1 DD/MM/YYYY Haxey
River Idle at park drain nr Haxey in Nottinghamshire
caugt from river while angling Jim Battersby
1 2009-07-21 River Mersey, Warrington
River Mersey, Westy, Warrington. Freshwater section of the river, approx 2.8km upstream of tidal limit.
Caught by a recreational angler. EA Fisheries Bailiff brought it back to the office for ID. Sex: Male. Size: approx 55mm carapace length (measured from eyes to posterior edge). First confirmed record for the River Mersey. Paul Breslin
1 2009-11-01 Loftsome Bridge
Yorkshire, river Derwent
Virginia Green
4 2009-05-07 Allington Lock
Allington Lock on the River Medway, near Maidstone, Kent.
Observed on the upstream side of a steel sluice gate. Tim Lang