Recording Marine Life

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Records of Gobiusculus flavescens

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2003-04-15
live Kathryn Turner
1 2007-06-17 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Dorset
Polly Whyte
10 2008-08-26
Kingsand Beach, Cornwall.
A shoal of two spotted gobys were amongst a forest of Wireweed. All about 9cm in length. Amelia Bridges
2 2008-11-15 Scarborough
Coast of Scarborough, Holbeck rocky shore
Both examples 60mm long. Found on lower shore in large tidepools Stephen Vincent
2 DD/MM/YYYY Scarborough
Holbeck Rocky Shore, Scarborough
Both in large low shore tidepool. Both approx 60mm long Stephen Vincent
6 2009-09-10 The Fleet, Dorset
Lower Fleet, on western edge of main channel.
Small group in wrecked pontoon. Edward Harland
1 2010-09-01 scarborough
holbeck rock pools
rock pool gordon lowe