Recording Marine Life

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Records of Goneplax rhomboides

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2004-06-15 Scoble Point
Sublittoral off of Scoble Point
3 burrows per metre square. Warren of rhomboid crab burrows in sand dunes about 50m south of site above - ca. 6m bcd Nigel Mortimer
P 2004-12-27 Felixstowe
Beach at Felixstowe , Suffolk
No more information Richard Skeates
1 2005-12-04
Washed up after recent SE gale Russell W
1 2007-12-04 Bounemouth bay
in net Steve Trewhella
rare 2008-01-24 Oxwich Point
Oxwich bay and Oxwich Point
1 found next to its burrow on sandy shore. First time i have ever encountered this species on shore. Male with long pincers. Judith Oakley
1 2008-03-06
On the sand just by the sea defences.
dead on sand pamela irving
1 Broadsands
Broadsands Beach
On the sand at low tide. Brenda Newman