Recording Marine Life

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Records of Halichoerus grypus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2004-02-01
Harlyn Bay
Surfacing periodically near surfers. Guy Baker
1 2004-03-03
Sutton Harbour, Plymouth opposite the National Marine Aquarium
Fairly large grey seal, possibly female. A photograph was taken and is awaiting development. Marisa Sabatini
2 or 3 2002-07-13
St Tudwals Islands, off Abersoch
Paul Fish
1 2002-10-05
Rocks at North end of Polzeath beach.
Swimming along shore for about 20 minutes. Guy Baker
7 2002-10-05
Rocks at North end of Polzeath beach.
males,females and juveniles, some recorded since 1999 Guy Baker
1 2004-06-01
Flat Holm, In Bristol Channel, 3 miles away from Cardiff
Saw in Bristol channel off east beach Julie Furber
1 2004-08-08 Ogmore-by-Sea
Observed for approx 1 hour generally swimming and playing within a small area of water. Clair Jones
1 2004-08-13 South of Pembroke
Approaching Swansea Bay from Mid Bristol Channel travelling from Ilfracombe - port of Neath
Approx. 13.15hrs. Observed swimming and basking whiles being passed by boat Stephen Furley
1 2004-09-29 Flat Holm
Flat Holm, In Bristol Channel, 3 miles away from Cardiff
By a rocky outcrop Julie Furber
1 2004-10-22 Flat Holm
Flat Holm, In Bristol Channel, 3 miles away from Cardiff
Island bay Julie Furber
14 2004-10-09 Ogmore by Sea
Approx. midway between Ogmore by Sea/ Southerndown (SEAT locations/The Rocks) and approx 50 m offshore
Seen at 11am, observed for a shore period of time swimming in the surf. Stephen Furley
1 2005-04-19
Bantham beach, near rocks at SE end of bay.
Swimming and submerging. Surfaced with a large fish. Guy Baker
7 2005-07-14 Rat Island
Rocks off Rat Island, Lundy, Bristol Channel
Spoted on rocks Charlotte Bettle
1 2005-11-20
Gwithian Beach, Red River end.
Small seal in water 2m deep. Guy Baker
1 2005-08-27
Sand bank at Neath Rivermouth.
Basking on sand bank. Stephen Furley
1 2005-08-02
Directly opposite Craig-yr-eos Road in Ogmore by Sea, Vale of Glamorgan, approx 20 metres off shore.
Observed surfacing and diving for a period of approx 1 1/2 hours, close to shore at high tide. Stephen Furley
1 2006-01-17
Coxside/Barbican in Plymouth
In channel approaching harbour bridge, between Mountbatten ferry pickup and Warship/Dockyard Cruise pickup. Approx halfway into channel of water. Unable to determine size but probably an adult. Faye Wood
1 2006-01-26
Coxside/Barbican - in water adjacent to Madeira Road.
Only saw the back of the animal briefly so no estimate of size. Faye Wood
1 2006-02-18
Gwithian Beach, Cornwall. In front of car park.
Guy Baker
1 2006-02-18
Perranuthnoe beach
In shallow water. Guy Baker
Just offshore
1 2007-01-29 Flat Holm
Flat Holm Island
1 female lying on beach Julie Furber
1 2007-09-02
Wembury Point
Large seal seen briefly at surface. Guy Baker
1 2007-10-03
Nanzijal Bay, West Penwith, Cornwall.
Guy Baker
1 2008-02-10
River Thames near Putney Bridge
Saw the seal swimming away from Putney Bridge towards Hammersmith. Appeared several times at the surface where it seemed to be stuggling somewhat to swim against the tide then intermittently diving below surface and appearing again some distance away. Marianne Nathaniel
1 2008-09-20
Stackhouse cove
Below rocks at low water Larissa Paver
1 2009-02-02 Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove, Cornwall
Large seal, male? Guy Baker
1 2009-04-14 Portscatho
Portscatho, Cornwall
Jon Parr
1 2009-11-19 Borth Beach
Beach just to north of Borth.
Dead (young?) seal, approx metre long? dark grey body HEAD MISSING - appeared to have been sliced off cleanly - also hole in back just above flippers Susan Strickland
1 2009-11-06 Borth Beach
Beach just to north of Borth.
Not sure if grey or common seal. Dead, appeared to have been bleeding from head (lying on back so possible injury not visible). Round,narrow hole and ?row of smaller marks on side (photo available if desired) Susan Strickland
100-200 2009-12-12 Farne Islands
Rocky islands 20 minutes by boat from Seahouses, Northumberland. Small islands 5 minutes north west of the largest Island
Seen above water from boat and underwater. My fins got nipped. Size ranged from 1m to 2.5m in length Lauren Burghes
25-30 2010-07-31
hauled out on rocks. James Watt
aprox 25 2010-07-02
hauled out on rocks James Watt
5 or 6 2010-08-25 Cornwall Coast
It was a coastal walk. Cliffs, quiet beaches, a river flowing to the sea. It was windy. There were lots of rocks around in the sea quite close to shore.
We were on a coastal walk and we were walking on the cliffs. THere was a massive rock in the sea surrounded by smaller rocks and there were some larger and some smaller grey seals sitting on the rocks. Then a couple got in the water and started swimming around the rocks before emerging from the water to lie on the rocks again. Danielle Howe