Recording Marine Life

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Records of Halidrys siliquosa

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2004-06-18 Croyde Beach
Croyde Beach, North Devon. West facing rocky platform north of sandy bay. Low shore area, steep & rugged rock with deep pools & gullies. Site 3.
In pools 20 plants David Butt (Brauton School)
R 2005-07-12 West Angle Bay
West Angle Bay, Pembrokeshire
rare in one rockpool Judith Oakley
Frequent 2007-01-23
Branscombe Bay, Devon
Rockpool/overhang Milly Hatton-Brown
strandline Kathryn Turner
None 2007-07-20
Branscombe beach
Milly Hatton-Brown
Uncommon 2009-10-25 Bexhill on Sea
Shingle shore at high tide
Some washed up fronds Nigel Sawyer
Occasional 2010-05-15 Holbeck, Scarborough
Rocky shore with large tidal pools, kelp forest and bare sediment
Anthony Hurd
Common 03/04/2011 Bognor Regis
Following tide out. Strandline to tide line. Shingle to sand but with little washed up on sand. Many worm casts/ holes. Orange sponges also washed up. A single Pollachius sp (full size) was on the beach but too badly damaged to id to Pollock or COley (Gull attacked!)
Perhaps commonest of washed up seaweeds Nigel Sawyer
1 10/07/2011 Hope Gap, Susex
Chalk platform with channels, flints and a seaweed covering (Pepper Dulse being dominant)
One plant seen washed up Nigel Sawyer