Recording Marine Life

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Records of Hediste diversicolor

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
3 2004-05-08
Jennycliff Bay, near Plymouth. Rocky shore, alongside sandy/gravelly beach.
in pools under rocks sandy bottom Seashore Safari
1 2004-08-19 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, near Mountbatten
Seashore Safari
C 2004-12-27
long sandy beach with rocks on either side
Common, you can see were they have been pushing sand up, you also can see them doing it. Charlie Smith
100 2004-09-26 Dale beach
Dale beach, intertidal zone at low tide
Intertidal zone, size range from 10- 45 cm Joey Morris
4 2005-05-21
Jamie Walls
1 2005-09-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth
In sand Judith Oakley
1 2006-07-15
Freathy Cliff, in a large rockpool
Approx 5cm long in a rotting limpet James Park
1 2006-05-13
Lynmouth bay, old victorian swimming pool
Jonathon Holroyd
uncommon 2008-07-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
in sand Cat Ridout
1 2009-04-11 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout