Recording Marine Life

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Records of Henricia oculata

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2007-09-30
Wembury Point, near Plymouth
about 2m deep just beyond low water point on good low tide. Unusual colouration, yellow with orange spots. C 10cm across(see picture)(Possibly red starfish? Need to confirm ID) Jack Sewell
5 2009-12-12 Farne Islands
Rocky islands 20 minutes by boat from Seahouses, Northumberland. Small islands 5 minutes north west of the largest Island
On rocks at 8-12m about 4-6cm diameter Lauren Burghes
1 04/09/2011 St Abbs
Coastal rocky areas, north of Berwick up on Tweed, near Eyemouth in Scotland.
About 10cm across Julian Madle