Recording Marine Life

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Records of Hoplangia durotrix

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2000-08
Wreck of St Dunstan, Lyme Bay, Dorset
Photo taken, ID confirmed by Dr K Hiscock Vicki Billings
Present 2005-07-31
Seabed Caves, Kimmeridge, Dorset
Numerous colonies on roof of deep overhangs under huge limestone boulders sitting on mudstone. Depth 17m. Lin Baldock
4 colonies 2005-06-18
Reef south of Peveril Ledge, Dorset
On roof of moderately deep overhang of limestone exposed to strong tidal streams on flood tide. Depth 22m. Lin Baldock
Occasional 2006-07-26 Portland Harbour
About 50m off the eastern breakwater of Portland Harbour in Weymouth Bay, Dorset. Underside of steel plates standing about 0.5m proud of level seabed of Crepidula bed in water depth of 15m. Exposed to moderate tidal currents
On underside of steel plate. Lin Baldock
Frequent 2006-08-21
Wreck of The Dredger, Balaclava Bay outside Portland Harbour, Dorset. A small steel wreck in about 10m of water at base of the harbour breakwater wall. Not exposed to tidal currents. Sheltered from all but SE & E winds.
On underside of steel plate Lin Baldock
Locally common in one cave 2008-10-19 Porthkerris
Drawna Rocks, Porthkerris, Lizard
Overhanging parts of a small cave on east side of rocks at c. 8 m bcd. Area where present about 1 m x 50 cm. Keith Hiscock