Recording Marine Life

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Records of Lepas anatifera

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2003-07-04
Grunta Beach, near Woolacombe, Devon
Several attached bits of fishing boxes and wood. Keith Hiscock
4 2003-06-25
Greenways beach, Polzeath, north Cornwall.
Seen on sand returned to pool. Sue Henwood Pam Kerr
P 2004-09-25 Porthtowan
Porthtowan beach
Hundreds totally covering a regular structure (?mast) approx 3 metres in length - on strandline - still alive at this point with long attachment up to approx 30 cm, shell, and feelers attempting to feed - by 1st October, all dead Wendy Henwood
P 2004-09-03 Higher town beach
Higher town beach, St Martins, Isles of Scilly
Seen washed up Olivia Drake
1 2006-09-23
Hen cliff kimmeridge
On plastic drinks bottle Steve Trewhella
Mothercombe beach - in the ruin of the tidal swimming pool
Within sand and in shallow water. Sighting after storm with lot of debris on beach. Barnacles alive. Jon Parr
40+ 2006-10-28
broad bench kimmeridge
on plank Steve Trewhella
20+ 2006-10-28
hobarrow bay
on fish box Steve Trewhella
20+ 2006-11-04
wobarrow bay dorset
on bucket Steve Trewhella
200+ 2006-11-10 Chesil Cove
chesil; cove
on plastic fish boxes and crates Steve Trewhella
2 2006-11-12
chapmans pool dorset
on plastic cup Steve Trewhella
3 2006-11-12
egmont bight dorset
on plastic Steve Trewhella
very common 2006-11-23
beach combing chesil
On litter Steve Trewhella
4/500 2006-11-23
Village of Mallaig within 100 mtrs of shore
Attached to large abandoned buoy Angus Macintyre
common 2006-11-26 Widemouth bay
Widemouth bay
Steve Trewhella
common 2006-11-26 Sandymouth bay
Sandymouth bay
Steve Trewhella
common 2006-11-28
On pallet Steve Trewhella
common 2006-11-28 Highcliff beach
highcliff beach
Steve Trewhella
abundant 2006-11-29
On wood and litter Steve Trewhella
Abundant 2006-12-01
southbourne beach bmth
Steve Trewhella
Abundant 2006-12-02
hobarrow bay dorset
Steve Trewhella
Two very large clusters (100's), dozens of smaller GB 2006-12-03
Worthing Beach (East)
Two large buoys washed ashore. Various plastic crates and broken wooden pallets. A spray can and a glass bottle all had Goose barnacles attached. Paul Parsons
30 or so small barnacles on pallette wood. Large cluster on a buoy c200?. 2006-12-05
West of the roundabout by Sea lane cafe
Paul Parsons
Two bunches of approx 20-30 creatures 2006-12-08
Goring beach at the bottom of Aldsworth avenue
found on two plastic water bottles. Some very young GB on palette timbers Paul Parsons
Abundant 2006-12-09
chesil dorset
Steve Trewhella
present 2006-12-24
Rope lake head
All dried not fresh Steve Trewhella
2-300 2007-01-01
On a piece of driftwood,washed up on the spring tides after a storm Jones Bill
many hundreds 2006-12-27
Shoreham Beach LNR
Goose barbacles have been reported in high numbers by Beach Wardens all along the West Sussex coast over the past few months. Any idea why there should be so many this year? Dee Christensen
100+ 2007-01-04
kimmeridge bay
Steve Trewhella
present 2007-01-04 Chapman's pool
chapmans pool
On u.s bouy Steve Trewhella
2000+ 2007-01-01
Denge Beach, Dungeness, Kent
On several objects spread along beach to the point, including large drums with 1000+ attached. Digital photos available. Steven Kirk
5 2006-12-31
Wonwell beach, near kingston, Avon Estuary, South Devon
Attached to intact jam jar with metal lid. Alive. Jon Parr
present 2007-01-07 Chesil Cove
Chesil cove, Dorset
On u.s.dan bouy Steve Trewhella
many thousands 2006-10-29
20 miles of the Lizard, Cornwall
On very large yokohama fender Steve Trewhella
present 2007-01-13
Broad bench, Kimmeridge
On rope Steve Trewhella
in xs of 200 2007-08-23 Mwnt beach
Mwnt beach, Cardigan,Ceridigion
Washed up on the high tide line, attached to a log the width of a telegraph pole, over 2 mtres in length. The barnacles were grey with black lines, their tube/foot/sucker was brown/pink. The log was totally covered with them Keith Harrison
present 2008-01-24
Chapmans pool, Dorset
on flotsam Steve Trewhella
50+ 2008-01-23
Kimmeridge bay
on large american buoy Steve Trewhella
8 2008-01-24 Newborough Beach,
Newborough Beach, near Llanddwyn Island & Caernarfon Bay. Anglesey, North Wales.
Found attached to large plastic flotsam. Size range: Capitulum length of three largest specimens 28mm, 25mm for three medium sized, and 20mm for the smallest specimens observed. Andrew Marriott
80 - 100 & 40 - 50 & 200+ & 1000+ 2008-01-24 Swanlake bay
swanlake bay, pembrokeshire
4 lots. 80-100 on medium sized plastic container, 40-50 on rope, 200+ on buoy, and 1000+ on large wooden beam kevin watson
30+ 2007-08-27 Horgabost Beach
Horgabost Beach, Isle of Harris, Western Isles
On a loose rope on beach Ceri Morris
present 2008-02-02
broad bench near kimmeridge dorset
on buoys/flotsom Steve Trewhella
present 2008-02-01
worbarrow bay dorset
on flotsom Steve Trewhella
common 2008-09-07
Worbarrow bay dorset
on flotsam Steve Trewhella
100s 2009-08-01 Oxwich Bay
On the beach. Close to the sea
Lepas anatifera was washed up on the beach clinging to driftwood and also to a jar (like a kilner jar). The wood was completely covered in them Veronika Jordan
200+ 2009-08-06 Marloes Beach
Washed up on Marloes Beach in Pembrokeshire
Attached to a washed up cable drum. Still live and moving. Unfortunately 2 days later they appeared to have been eaten/died. Laura Conway
Present 11/10/2011 Cornborough
near Westward Ho
Found on pebbles Liz Makeig-Jones
50 15/10/2011 Klädesholmen
Location is an Island and the Barnacles were found on a floating buoy in the harbour which probably has drifted with the recently strong winds
Attached on a floating buoy Sören Johansson
100s 03/08/2011 South Uist
West coast of South Uist
A large number found washed up on beach attached to the truck of what liked a palm tree. See also photo sent separately. Jeremy Lanfear