Recording Marine Life

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Records of Lichina pygmaea

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
occasional 2006-06-09
Gorah Rocks, East Prawle
On bare rock Judith Oakley
Not found 2008-04-18
Mount Batten N50:21:25 W4:07:40
Open Rock Seashore Safari
common 2008-05-06
Biddlehead Point, Salcombe Estuary, Devon
in middle barnacle belt Jo Corke
frequent 2008-07-30
Porth Hellick rocky shore, St Mary's Isles of Scilly
On rocks with barnacles Larissa Paver
2008-09-28 Battery Rocks
Battery Rocks, Below Jubalee pool, Penzance
Abundant On rocks with barnacles. Larissa Paver
Stackhouse cove
Abundant Larissa Paver
Frequent 2009-09-07 Mousehole, Cornwall
Rock platform just east of village, below \\\'bathing\\\' pool set into the rocks.
On rocks on upper and upper middle shore Larissa Paver