Recording Marine Life

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Records of Littorina obtusata

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
Abundant 2000-05-10
Brownsman Gut; Farne Islands
No information entered Owain Gabb
Abundant 2000-05-10
Brownsman Gut; Farne Islands
Owain Gabb
A 2005-04-09 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Found on wracks from mid to low shore. Variety of colours seen Seashore Safari
C 2005-05-08
Snapes Point Salcombe Estuary Devon
Common in the mid/lower littoral on Fucus serratus Jo Corke
P 2005-06-25
Portwrinkle, Whitsand Bay
Seen in rockpools Judith Oakley
1 2005-07-15 Croyde Bay
Croyde Bay - rockpools on middle shore, Baggy point side of beach
No further comments Charlotte Bettle
Present 2006-03-01
Intertidal below Hen Cliff, Kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella

common 2006-09-24
baiter beach poole harbour
Steve Trewhella
present 2007-03-10
brandy bay kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella
2003-03-23 Fleetwood north
Fleetwood north, Flyde coast
Kathryn Turner
common 2007-10-26 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Gower - 3/4 of way along from beach
amongst and on seaweeds Judith Oakley
2008-09-28 Battery Rocks
Battery Rocks, Below Jubalee pool, Penzance
Frequent. Lower shore on/under serratus. Larissa Paver
1 2009-06-20 Hastings
Rocky shore below East Hill with some sand patches, shingle, pebbles and boulders. There is also a rocky \"platform\" mid-low shore with many crevices and small rock pools. Other species certainly present including some hydroids, bryzoans, brown flatworms, probable Bullhead and other fish
Seen on bare rock above mid shore - unexpectedly high compared to normal but clearly this species Nigel Sawyer
150 2009-07-06 Mount Batten
Rocky beach situated just out of Plymouth Sound. Exposed to harsh weather conditions and strong currents.
On rocks Liz Bone
3 2009-07-05 Cow Gap, Eastbourne
Boulder, rocks and stone leading down to sea, some sandy/gravel patches, with small rock pools and some finer sediment. Un identified Spirobius sp, Sandhoppers and worm (prob Hermanthoe impar - picture sent via post) as well as seaweeds
Yellow shells low on shore Nigel Sawyer
Common 2009-07-18 Eastbourne, below Pinnacle
Mainly soft bedrock with pools and some pebble and sandy areas. Storms previous day and persistant strong wind. Some unidentified hydroids (?Obelia) also found 2 metre low tide so water level fairly high
At least 20 individuals of varying sizes, all yellow shelled in a small area near to water line Nigel Sawyer
Common 2010-04-21 Cow Gap, Beachy Head Sussex
Rock pools and sandstone area. Area of sand and some mud/ sand patches amongst the boulders and other rocks. Jaera sp also seen. Pools near the cliff had the seaweed Dumontia incrassata and shells of Mactra stultorum were also found (neither listed in DB)
Esp. on Fucus sp Nigel Sawyer
Common 2010-05-15 Holbeck, Scarborough
Rocky shore with large tidal pools, kelp forest and bare sediment
Anthony Hurd
5 per Square Meter 2010-10-13 Eastbourne
Soveriegn Harbour, sheltered mudflat cove just inside the harbour mouth
living on seaweed on man made sea break (granite blocks) Brian Bastable
Frequent 2010-10-06 Plimont, Guernsey
Semi enclosed bay, sand with outcrops of rock perpemdicular to low water mark. Associated with the outcrops are motile stones and pools. (many alga species in rock pools dieing back)
On algae. Tabitha Pearman
05/02/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach
Rocky shore to the left and right hand sides of the beach.
Kristie Wilkinson
Common 16/04/2011 Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Rocky shore below Nothe Gardens towards the Stone Pier. Some shells look more like Venerupis rhomboides than sengalensis. Some unidentified small shrimps/ prawns seen in wide crevices
Mainly on seaweed - yellow form common Nigel Sawyer
3 06/08/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform at low tide (1.2m) Several unidentified seaweeds seen and two scale worms (?Harmothoe impar). ALso Halurus equisetifolius which does not appear in the list
Yellow form which do not seem very common on this site despite the sea weed cover Nigel Sawyer
Common 28/09/2011 Eastbourne
Chalk platform in the east and sandy areas at low tide with soft rock and rock pools.
Yellow form on serratens Nigel Sawyer
2 02/07/2011 Corton
Sand and shingle beach with occassional areas of exposed hard substratum comprising 'soft' sedimentary rock in which shallow pools have formed. Groynes and wooden defenders situated near the mid tide mark behind which pools have formed.
On fucoids Tabitha Pearman
01/07/2011 Plymouth Hoe
Description: Embayment, Sheltered with an East facing aspect Zone: littoral Full salinity Use and impacts:Fishing,rockpooling Sub stratum: Bed rock and concrete Features: Crevices, gullies, pools, overhangs
Tabitha Pearman
10/07/2011 Lerwick
Description: Sheltered embayment with an East facing aspect; Full salinity Use and impacts: Fishing, drains, rockpooling Sub stratum: Bed rock, large to small boulders Features: Crevices, gullies, pools, overhangs Modifiers: Possible fresh run off from drains
Tabitha Pearman