Recording Marine Life

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Records of Mammalia

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2008-08-16
Plymouth Barbican - just infront of the enclosed harbor next to the aquarium
Looking out of the water on in front of the gate (looked interested) popped up later after going under - I think just exploring Heather Poole
one 2008-10-14 Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
Beach just south of Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland.
black on their own. there is something not right here. the local Bamburgh castle museum has had success with getting world war 1 plane remnants from trawlers this last 10 to 15 years... i presume that this is decimating the sea floor. I always find sea creatures while rock pooling but this has been the first time i have been back here in 6 years and was struck by the paucity of sea life... what the hell is going on? Dominic Makin
1 2008-12-24 Maldon, Essex
In the estuary by the park
Was seen at low tide in the estuary swimming and diving. Natalie Hewit