Recording Marine Life

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Records of Membranipora membranacea

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
fairly common 2004-05-08
Jennycliff Bay, near Plymouth. Rocky shore, alongside sandy/gravelly beach.
on seaweed Seashore Safari
O 2004-07-18 Achmelvich beach
Achmelvich beach, Sutherland
Occassional found in rockpool on a piece of red seaweed (perhaps Chondrus?) also present Star ascidian and Dynamena pumila (hydroid) Liam Mason
3 2005-07-07 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach
under rocks in low tide rockpools, approx 3cm diameter, 5cm and 1cm diameter Cat Ridout
Common 2005-06-18
Hat rock, up to 37 meters deep, underwater visibility 9 meters.
Encrusting laminaria fronds. Sonia Rowley
some 2005-10-04
Lynmouth shore west.
on wrack Deddington School
1 2006-05-13
Lynmouth bay, old victorian swimming pool
Jonathon Holroyd
2003-04-11 France Aimee
Near the wreck of the France Aimee on the east side of the isle of wight
Ben Knights
common 2005-08-24
East side of sugary cove - Dartmouth
on algae mid-lowshore Sonia Rowley
common 2005-08-19
sugary cove dartmouth castle, low springs, full moon
lowershore on laminaria spp Sonia Rowley
2% 2007-06-17 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Dorset
Polly Whyte
Uncommon 2009-08-02 Hastings
Directly east of the Stade. 2.3 metre low tide. Shore line pebbles and boulders with some rock pools in evidence
On washed up Fucus vesiculosus Nigel Sawyer
Uncommon 16/04/2011 Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Rocky shore below Nothe Gardens towards the Stone Pier. Some shells look more like Venerupis rhomboides than sengalensis. Some unidentified small shrimps/ prawns seen in wide crevices
Small patch found on washed up sea weed Nigel Sawyer