Recording Marine Life

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Records of Morchellium argus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
R 2005-07-12 West Angle Bay
West Angle Bay, Pembrokeshire
Rare one clump seen Judith Oakley
C 2005-07-09 Wembury
Wembury, Devon
common under overhangs Judith Oakley
Common 2005-06-12
German minesweeper (M343) wreck, 32 m deep. 9 miles sw of Jersey, Channel Isles.
Present throughout wreckage on sides or undersides of wreck plates. Sonia Rowley
Common 2005-06-19
Wreck of the Italia off St. Agnes, Scilly Isles. 39 meters deep, underwater visibility >12 meters, water temperature 13 degrees. No water speed and weather calm with variable 1!! Afternoon dive. Wreck broken up on rocks.
Common on corners and unexposed sides of wreck plates. Colonies ~6-8 cm long. Sonia Rowley
occasional 2006-06-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, PLymouth
On very low shore Judith Oakley
2 2007-08-04
Barricane & Coombesgate, woolacombe.
In Cgate gulley, dozens present in April Paula Ferris
6 2007-08-30
Coombesgate, north Woolacombe beach.
Hanging from dark corners in gullies Paula Ferris
abundant 2008-04-08 Lee Bay
Lee Bay nr Ilfracombe
Hanging from rocks at low water Paula Ferris
Cluster of 6, scatter of others 2008-08-03 Lee Bay
Lee Bay Ilfracombe
Low shore, under overhangs Paula Ferris
Occasional 2009-06-27 Torquay Marina
All species found on the pontoon floats of Torquay Marina
Sea squirt Holly Latham
abundant 2010-07-15 Tunnels, Ilfracombe
Rocky shore below Ladies Pool at Tunnels beach, verticals, overhangs and gulleys, some flat boulders..7m tide, but rough sea, no access surge gullies
widely distributed on damp lower shore rocks Paula Ferris
several clusters 19/02/2011 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Low shore rocks & gullies adjacent nearly parallel to sea, leading into kelp strewn with flat stones/boulders
Starting to appear on low shore rocks Paula Ferris
abundant 21/03/2011 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Gently sloping shore, expanse of rocks flanking sand, fresh water stream. Good algae cover
still very short, hanging from rocks low shore crevices & overhangs Paula Ferris
50 08/03/2012 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
north facing sheltered rocky shore, good seaweed cover, gullies crevices & pools
Hanging from crevices in low shore rocks, from a few to 40 millimeters Paula Ferris
1 07/04/2012 Greencliff
Wave cut platform on fairly exposed shore. Occasional sandy-bottomed gullies, many overhangs created by leaning rock strata.
Small group noticed amongst slimy encrustations and sponges low on rock overhang. Robert Durrant
2 small clusters 09/04/2012 Greencliff
Wave cut platform on fairly exposed shore. Occasional sandy-bottomed gullies, many overhangs created by leaning rock strata.
On wall of slimy deep-cut rocky overhang. Robert Durrant
Occasional 08/05/2012 Albion Sands
Sandy SW-facing beach, sheltered by Gateholm to S & W,flanked by cliffs, with some outcropping strata central and W edge, & large boulder field E edge.
Clusters on sheltered low, low-shore rock outcrops, with other tunicates, sponges, and Beadlets. Robert Durrant