Recording Marine Life

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Records of Nemertesia antennina

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
Present 2005-06-19
Wreck of the Italia off St. Agnes, Scilly Isles. 39 meters deep, underwater visibility >12 meters, water temperature 13 degrees. No water speed and weather calm with variable 1!! Afternoon dive. Wreck broken up on rocks.
Covered in Nudibranch egg strings and ribbons especially in shallower areas of wreckage. Sonia Rowley
Common 2005-06-20
Wreck of the Cita, Scilly Isles. 35 meters deep, under water visibility 18 meters, water temperature 12 degrees. Weather excellent, no wind and no water current. Wreckage in amongst jewel anemone encrusted rocks. Morning dive.
On wreckage, especially on side plates with egg spirals on. Sonia Rowley
Common 2009-10-25 Bexhill on Sea
Shingle shore at high tide
Several clumps of twiglets washed up on shore - with other unidentified hydroids also attached to them Nigel Sawyer
Uncommon 17/06/2012 Splash Point, Seaford
Chalk platform and shingle beach
Colony found on a clump of cuttlefish eggs Nigel Sawyer