Recording Marine Life

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Records of Nephtys cirrosa

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2009-08-08 Fairbourne
On the sandy part of the beach at low tide at approximately 2pm
I am not familiar with all the species names, and it wasn't worm-like, but I had to put something. I spotted it crawling along the wet sand in the direction of the sea. Approx. 10-12mm long (including tail), and 5mm wide. The body was transparent jelly-like on the outside with a darker body inside, and a very thin tapered black tail. Its movement was like a caterpillar and it left a thin trail in the sand from its tail. I have not seen one before and did not find any more though I searched for a while. There were people walking on the beach so I picked it up on a stick (it was flat and floppy) and moved it closer to the waters edge. I expect it is very common but I have not been able to Google it successfully. Lynn Wickson