Recording Marine Life

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Records of Ocenebra erinacea

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
5 2004-02-20
Batten Bay, Plymouth. Rocky shore with boulders
Under boulder Alex Bolton
1 2000-04-09
West Wideopen, Farne Islands
No information entered Owain Gabb
O 2004-06-05
Wembury Beach, South Hams, Devon. Rocky shore with some sandy patches
Occassional, under rocks mainly low shore Seashore Safari
4 2004-08-19 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, near Mountbatten
Seashore Safari
P 2005-04-09
Snapes Point - sheltered shore
Approximately 3 with eggs Nigel Mortimer
P 2005-04-09 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Seen in rocky crevices. Some with eggs Seashore Safari
20 2005-06-05
Goodrington Sands on shore in front of Seashore Centre
On rocks and in crevices, eggs seen Judith Oakley
20 2005-05-27 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Mid-lower shore 2-3cm long Sonia Rowley
3 2005-07-10 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
attached to side of rock surface, lower shore near rockpools Cat Ridout
P 2005-06-25
Portwrinkle, Whitsand Bay
Seen in rockpools Judith Oakley
10 2005-07-05
Goodrington sands, Torbay
on rocks Judith Oakley
3 2005-07-25 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
attached to seaweed in crevice, low shore Cat Ridout
3 2005-09-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth
In crevices Judith Oakley
Ledges around lower shore rockpool
Kathryn Turner
2003-03-23 Fleetwood north
Fleetwood north, Flyde coast
Kathryn Turner
2003-07-27 Fleetwood north
Fleetwood north.
Kathryn Turner
29 2009-04-24 Aberavon beach
Near the break water at Aberavon beach
Rockpool Adrian Cooke
1 2009-06-20 Hastings
Rocky shore below East Hill with some sand patches, shingle, pebbles and boulders. There is also a rocky \"platform\" mid-low shore with many crevices and small rock pools. Other species certainly present including some hydroids, bryzoans, brown flatworms, probable Bullhead and other fish
Singleton that appeared to be eating a mussel Nigel Sawyer
1 2009-07-18 Eastbourne, below Pinnacle
Mainly soft bedrock with pools and some pebble and sandy areas. Storms previous day and persistant strong wind. Some unidentified hydroids (?Obelia) also found 2 metre low tide so water level fairly high
Single shell found Nigel Sawyer
1 2009-09-21 Eastbourne Pier
The pier at Eastbourne. Sandy beach below shingle with some soft bedrock with pools. In addition to the list Mactra stultrom common, as were hydroids (unidentified on the pier structure)
Single shell inhabited by hermit crab Nigel Sawyer
common 2010-03-02 Greencliff, near Westward Ho
Semi exposed rocky shore, facing north west, wave cut platform with gullies, some sand at low water
low shore rocks Paula Ferris
1 2010-04-21 Cow Gap, Beachy Head Sussex
Rock pools and sandstone area. Area of sand and some mud/ sand patches amongst the boulders and other rocks. Jaera sp also seen. Pools near the cliff had the seaweed Dumontia incrassata and shells of Mactra stultorum were also found (neither listed in DB)
Single shell found Nigel Sawyer
3 2010-09-09 Westward Ho!
Semi-exposed shore, rocky shore at end sandy beach, rock platform cut by gullies and pools, sand at low tide
rocks low shore Paula Ferris
1 21/03/2011 Hastings
Shingle and rocks with some rockpools and sandy areas
Single small shell found Nigel Sawyer
2 26/12/2011 Eastbourne Pier
The area of shingle and sand around the pier Strandline consisted of absolutely 1000s of oyster shells amonst a few other things. Ensis ensis was also found, at least 6 shell pairs
2 shells >25mm in size Nigel Sawyer
Abundant 10/03/2012 Downend, Croyde
Diagonal cross-cutting rocky shore gulley and adjacent shore platform at low water
Mostly scattered individulas, but one aggregation of a dozen plus on small seawrd promentory Paula Ferris