Recording Marine Life

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Records of Palinurus elephas

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
2 2004-09-01 Belnahua
South of Belnahua. Firth of Lorn
Keith Hiscock
1 2005-12-10
Hand Deeps, Western Pinnacle
On crevice at 46 metres. Carapace approx 22cm. Very nice condition, not berried. (Seabed solid rock). Joan Dawson
1 2005-12-10
Hand Deeps, Western Pinnacle
In rocky hole at 37 metres. Approx 12" long 1 1/2 lbs female. Berried. Joan Dawson
1 2008-04-14
Approx 70 miles ESE of Aberdeen, Skipper: Sam Swankje 13 Arbright Road,Arbroath Tel:07860389445
depth 86 m, 25 cm Marion Perutz
1 2008-04-16
Approx. 50 miles SE of Peterhead
depth 118 m, 35 cm male Both this and the previous record of spiny lobster are now in the Macduff Marine Aquarium Marion Perutz
Two 2008-08-09
Mallard Shoal, Plymouth Sound
Report of observation by Ian Wadland. Small individuals, about 30 cm total length, together at base of rock slope at c 30m bcd. One had antennae missing. Keith Hiscock
1 2010-05-31 john naylor
Sandy sea bed at 26 metres deep. Surrounded by steep gullies of rock and kelp. Hilsea Point ledges Plymouth
Sandy Sea bed next to his hole which went down about 2 feet into and under the rock face. Size 10 - 12 inches in length and 2-3 inches wide. Very friendly was living next to a lobster. john naylor
1 06/06/2004 St Bees Head
I km offshore from St.Bees Head
The crawfish was caught in a bottom trawl and brought in to the aquarium at Maryport where it lived for another 5 years. It was the first and only locally caught specimen we have seen. MArk Vollers