Recording Marine Life

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Records of Paracentrotus lividus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
21 to 42 2001-03 North Ardnamurchan coast
between Balnaha and Swordale, spring counts from march 2001 onwards
In rock pool during exceptionally low tide I have been counting the numbers since 2001 when first found them, initial count 21 until last count of 42 urchins in a single rock pool - photographs available Janet Khan
74 2006-08-27
North Coast Ardnamunchan
In three rockpools (Sheltered site to the west). Janet Khan
0 2006-08-27
North Coast Ardnamunchen
Formerly present at this site now absent. Janet Khan
8 2007-08-17 Loch Nevis
South facing rocky shore at the entrance to Loch Nevis near Mallaig.
In rock pools within barnacle zone. Bottom of pool covered with encrusting pink algae. No macroalgae. Fiona Crouch
not found 2008-04-18
Mount Batten N50:21:25 W4:07:40
rockpools Seashore Safari
3 2009-07-24 Loch Gortan, Isle of Coll
Steeply sloping rock with mussels and abundant dog whelks. Good pools on the mid-upper shore.
In a small rock pool above mid tide level. Photos taken for confirmation Robin Harvey