Recording Marine Life

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Records of Pelagia noctiluca

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
500+ 2009-10-06 Kilkee Co.Clare Ireland
100 metres west of headland at northern end of Kilkee Bay from surface down to 10m.
In open water from the surface down to 10m, To limit of visibility (12m) in all directions. Length 10-15 cm Robert Tweedy
2 2010-06-06 PorthKerris
Porthkerris dive centre, in the reef just off the shore,
seen floating in 8 metres of calm water, first one we saw was about 1cm at the widest point of the bell, about 15minutes later we saw the 2nd one, it was about 11cm at the widest point of the bell. Andrew MacIver