Recording Marine Life

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Records of Pollicipes pollicipes

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2010-07-18 Seaford
typical East Sussex pebble beach, high levels of marine debris due to stormy weather.
One single animal attached to an old leather clog which had washed up in the stormy weather. Barnacle was around 1 inch in length with half inch stem. Extending cirri out as shoe was picked up but quickly withdrew. Shoe also has a lot of seaweed attached around the base. Threw shoe back into water in hope of barnacle surviving windy, warm weather. Carole Manion
several thousand 03/10/2011 Long Strand
Long Strand Rosscarbery Co Cork ROI
Seen in a small quantity on a washed up fishing net then near by in a greater quantity on washed up drift wood. Drift wood approx 7ft long. Photos will be emailed. Celia Bartlett
very 18/10/2011 constantine bay
Rocky shore area between 2 sandy beaches.
covering long piece of driftwood, >15ft, c.20cm diameter, washed up on rocks between constantine & boobys bay. Densely packed on driftwood, stalks 10-12cm. Images available if required greg dolan
20-30 26/03/2012 Logan Rock
Rocky Headland with Steep Granite Cliffs
Seen in a narrow crevice at the bottom of a steep cliff at low tide Liam Faisey