Recording Marine Life

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Records of Polycera quadrilineata

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
2 2005-06-19
Wreck of the Italia off St. Agnes, Scilly Isles. 39 meters deep, underwater visibility >12 meters, water temperature 13 degrees. No water speed and weather calm with variable 1!! Afternoon dive. Wreck broken up on rocks.
2 together 1.5-2 cm long, difficult to tell as very together! Sonia Rowley
2 2005-06-16
Wreck of dost vlanderen guernsey
One present with eggs Sonia Rowley
1 2007-06-17 Saunton
North side Saunton Beach.
hatchlings on hydroid seen under microscope at home, <1mm Paula Ferris
1 2007-07-05 Downend
Downend between Croyde & Saunton, North Devon
On hydroid attached to serrated wrack on strandline, 3mm Paula Ferris
3 2009-06-11 Saunton N Devon
Narrow strip rocky shore, north end Saunton beach. Low neap tide
On bryozoan on weed seen under microscope Paula Ferris
A (20) 2009-06-24 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Lines of low shore rocks running parallel to shore, fulleys filled with kelp and serrated wrack, on serrated wrack.
Mainly on serrated wrack in rockpools and damp corners of lower shore rocks, <5mm Paula Ferris
1 2010-05-28 Saunton
Saunton Beach north end, down rocks comprising raised beach platform from high to low water
Found amidst weeds viwed under microscope, unmistakable Paula Ferris
several 18/05/2011 Downend, Croyde
Low shore on rocks either side of SW/NE gulley, on near vertical faces parallel to sea
Found under microscope, about 1-2 mm, feeding on bryozoans. Paula Ferris
08/05/2012 Towan Head
Towan headland, just above Fistral beach, Newquay. By the old lifeboat slipway.
Frequent. All on red macroalgae. Between 2mm and 7mm . Holly Latham
2 26/06/2012 Westward Ho!
Area where rocky wave-cut platform adjoins sandy beach
Two specimens inadvertently collected amongst seawater and weed for aquarium, and not seen until later. Both appx 15mm long. One uniform white background, the other with black speckles on white. Robert Durrant
8 01/07/2012 Westward Ho!
Area where rocky wave-cut platform adjoins sandy beach
All on piece of serrated wrack heavily encrusted with sea mat. Abundant eggs also mostly clustered at base of plant. sizes appx 5mm to 13mm. All seen were of speckled form, very well camouflaged against the bryozoan. Robert Durrant