Recording Marine Life

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Records of Rhizostoma pulmo

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2002-08-08
In Marina by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth
Seen in harbour Ali Hood
1 2002-08-28
Gorran haven bay, Cornwall
Seen when dropped anchor in bay Roger Burstow
1 2003-03-30
Daymer Bay, Cornwall (edge of Camel)
Small M Blackwell
P 2002-05-05
Near The Manacles, The Lizard
Large numbers at various depths. Roger Dadds
1 2002-07-21
NT Saltram estate, Plym estuary, Devon.
Jellyfish stranded on high tide line Georgina Budd
1 2003-07-07
Porthcothan Beach, south of Trevose Head, Cornwall.
Approx measurements 65cm across dome, tentacles showing about 30 cm. Photos taken. Paul Clifford
1 2004-09-22 Burnham on Sea
Burnham on Sea beach, Somerset
washed up on tide line, about 30cm across Tom Raven
1 2005-06-06
At anchor off Eileach an Naoimh (Garvellachs)
Swam slowly past boat (depth <1m). Approx 60cm diameter. Identified by Dr Emma Jackson Norman Jackson
Just one 2007-10-19
Wirral coast East Hoyle bank. 1.5 kms off the Hoylake foreshore.
Stranded on beach, at the edge of the incoming tide gordon howard
One 2008-08-07
Ainsdale beach. Merseyside
On sand after high tide. Simon Biddolph
1 2008-09-08
Rhossili Beach, Gower, South Wales
dead in the surf at water depth of 10cm. Diameter about 45cm. Jayne Leaves
1 2009-05-25 Eype
Washed up on beach at Eype.
1 Anthony Christie
1 2009-05-25 Eype
Washed up on beach at Eype.
Female. 50 cm in diameter. Hyperia galba found in association. Anthony Christie
1 2009-05-28 Gerrans Point
In open sea approximately 200m off the shore.
Seen in open water. Bell approx 400mm across. Nick Taylor
1 per km 2009-06-01 Cleveleys north
Beach between the vue and rossall school. mid tide
Dead on sand Kathryn Turner
1 2009-06-07 Formby
Formby beach Lancashire
Dead on tide line. Approx 8 inches (20cm) diameter Andrew Hall
1 2009-06-07 Formby Point
Shoreline, high tide.
Dead on tideline, very blue. Sara Hall
Hundreds over a period of 1hr 2009-08-31 NE Biscay
Large area app Between Nourmoutier/Chaussee des Boeufs and Ile d\\\'Yeu bounded by 46o58\"/46o46\"N 002o25\"/002o22\"W
Encountered extremely widespread shoal (?) of mainly rhizostoma octopus. Density up to a dozen or more visible within about 10sq metres of boat on each side. Sizes various from app 0.25m body to 1m. Colours various, mainly orange or pink. Also some moon jellyfish distributed among them, sizes mainly around 20cm. The shoal was spread over several square miles. We were motor-sailing in light airs with a 1m swell from the NW. Sea temp measured via sonar transducer at app 64f. Main direction of jellyfish movement was to NE. Jeremy Greenaway
2-3 2009-06-24 Rhossili Bay
On beach near Worms Head
Seen dead washed up on shore. Photo available Jenny Stewart
12 2010-05-14 Tywyn, west wales
Long sandy beach in front of the town. Considerable work is being done on the sea defences with new sea wall and rocky breakwaters being constructed.
They were washed up and dead upon the tideline at the top of the beach. 4 were at the south end of the beach and 8 at the north end. They varied from about 9ins to 18 ins in diam. Photos will follow. Jim Logan
100+ 2010-11-23 Formby, Merseyside
Formby beach, Merseyside.
At least a 100 dead on the waterline of the receding tide, ranging from 8\" to 24\" diameter. Ken Fairhurst
4 29/01/2011 Crosby Beach
Shore at Crosby beach, on the Mersey estuary.Merseyside
Stranded on the beach Susan McManus
2 10/04/2011 prestatyn Denbighshire
The beach near to Rhyl golf course
Found 2 large jellyfish, that I believe to be Rhizostoma Octopus, stranded on the beach. They were about 400 yds apart. The bell on one was about 18 inches across. The other was larger about 2ft in diameter. I will send a photo of the larger one, for you to view and verify species. Pam atherton
1 28/10/11 West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside
Rhizostoma pulmo seen in the Marine Lake, West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside, in the last week of October 2011. Probably washed into lake at high tide. Very beautiful, healthy and probably feeding on plankton in very shallow water at edge of lake. Caused a stir, everyone photographing it, I have never seen this species before in these waters.
As above (edge of Marine Lake) Two feet (plus) in length. Haysha Royko
approx 12 28/08/11 zante
snorkelling off coast of Zante
swimming freely and with intention keith langton
1 01/07/1977 Castlehill Point
intertidal zone, sandy shore
quite frequent in the area at that time. Photo at michael richardson
100 13/06/2012 L'Ampollo Harbour, Spain
Rhizostoma pulmo. 100 plus.
Swimming in the harbour. Various sizes from 4 inches across to 1 foot across. David Lewis