Recording Marine Life

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Records of Scyliorhinus canicula

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2003-05-01
Grove Point, Portland Bill
No further details Charles Whitworth
1 2003-06-03
Sawtooth Ledges, Lyme Bay.
Charles Whitworth
1 2003-06-08
Grove Point, Portland Bill
Charles Whitworth
1 2003-06-15
Reef of Durdle Door, near Lulworth, Dorset
Charles Whitworth
1 2003-06-15
Reef of Durdle Door, near Lulworth, Dorset
Charles Whitworth
1 2003-06-17
Sawtooth Ledges, Lyme Bay
Charles Whitworth
1 2003-09-09
Saw tooth ledges, Lyme Bay
Charles Whitworth
1 2003-09-18
Near the wreck of the St Chamond, North Cornwall
Charles Whitworth
Dog fish faced into a slight current laying on empty slipper limpet shells
1 2000-11-12
23 mts at The beacons Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales Jaimie Bent
1 2001-02-24
West side of Pendennis Headland, Cornwall
The catshark was resting and took no notice of the group of divers as we swam past. There was an egg sack attached to the weed close by. Popular spot for divers with access steps down and entry to the sea over rocks. David Ball
1 2002-07-27
Kyarra, Dorset
Charles Whitworth
Dog fish faced into a slight current laying on empty slipper limpet shells
1 2001-09-16
Shankill Beach between Bray and Killiney, County Dublin Ireland.
Found trapped in rock pool. Tim Clabon
1 2002-06-08
small bay 25 mins west of Porthleven, Cornwall
four of us swam past it, it did not care at all Phil Owen
2 2002-06-23 Lyme bay
Hign Ground, Lyme Bay
two sleeping in a crevice Charles Whitworth
C 2002-07
Blue Pool, Porthrush, east of Ramore Head
Common Deirdre Walsh
1 2002-10-11
Reef of Durdle door, Lulworth
Charles Whitworth
3 2005-06-30
Tinsley reef, Start Bay, south coast near Dartmouth
layed on sandy bottom and free swimming. Sonia Rowley
4 2005-07-19
Near Hard Lewis Rocks, St Martins, Isles of Scilly
One individual 4ft in length Sonia Rowley
1 2005-06-18
Hellopes wreck in Penzance bay, 36 meters deep, underwater visibility 12 meters, afternoon dive. Little water running. SE 4 wind. Water temperature 14 C
Laying on bottom ~40 cm long. Sonia Rowley
3 2005-06-19
Wreck of the King Cadwallan, Scilly Isles, on the Hard Lewis Rocks. 36 meters deep, underwater visibility 8-9 meters, slight current. SE 5. Sea temperature 13 degrees.
Up to 50 cm long, lying in rock crevases in shallows, and one large (50 cm) on shingle bottom amongst wreckage at 36 meters depth. Sonia Rowley
2 2006-03-15 Llanon Beach
Llanon Beach, Ceredigion, Wales
Found dead on the upper shore Rose Eades
100s 2006-12-08
Goring beach at the bottom of Aldsworth avenue
Found all over the strand line. Paul Parsons
1 2007-05-30 Abbotsham
Abbotsham (nr Westward Ho!) rocky shore, lower to mid shore level.
Found in rock pool Caroline Roberts
1 2007-06-17 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Dorset
Polly Whyte
1 2008-09-28 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Portland, Dorset
Trish Carter
1 2009-05-23 Zetland Pier
Small pier and surrounding shore diving area. Rocky/sandy bottom which has about 7m of water at high tide and 2m at low.
On sandy/rocky bottom Joe Bater
NA 2009-08-24 Silloth
Shell beach with mussels.
NA North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
1 2009-11-01 Fleetwood North
Sunken car park in Fleetwood, Lancashire.
Egg case only (Mermaid's purse) North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
7 2010-07-29 Cadgwith Cove
Half mile offshore
boat angling average weight 1.5 lbs John Brooks
1 2010-08-15 Church Bay
Out at sea. Approximately 20-25m deep.
Thomas Busbridge
2 2010-08-30 Trefusis Point
Fal Estuary
Caught at dusk at high tide, both females, 1lb 9oz and 1lb 11oz. Very dark colouration on back John Brooks
3 2010-09-25 Trefusis Point
Rocky Shore
all female about 2lb John Brooks
Uncommon 03/04/2011 Bognor Regis
Following tide out. Strandline to tide line. Shingle to sand but with little washed up on sand. Many worm casts/ holes. Orange sponges also washed up. A single Pollachius sp (full size) was on the beach but too badly damaged to id to Pollock or COley (Gull attacked!)
Egg cases washed up Nigel Sawyer
3 08/04/2011 Redgate Beach, Babbacombe, Torquay, UK
Rocky shore, South East facing beach
Abby McMillan
1 10/04/2011 Mullion Cove
Harbour Wall
45cm long female John Brooks
1 25/04/2011 Carrick Roads
Fal River Estuary
Light cololured female about 1lb John Brooks
6 02/06/2011 Falmouth Bay
Sandy bay
all caught and returned during a 2 hour boat trip. 4 females, 2 males, between 1-1.5 lbs John Brooks
1 27/08/2011 Hallsands, South Devon
Shallow dive 4-5m just off South Hallsands
One juvenile, lurking in the weed between rocks. Jackie Vale
2 24/09/2011 Swanage
Water depths of 2m to 30m with water temperature of 18 degrees C.
Flat sea bed at 18m deep, about 60cm long. Julian Madle
3 02/10/2011 The Waldrons
'Reef' system made up of numerous sandstone boulders of various sizes. Some as large as 3m in diameter.
Diving in approx 10m of water at 17 deg C. Varying from 60-80cm in length.
3 20/01/2012 Gortein point
East side of Loch Fyne, Scotland
small 6-8" Peter Bardsley