Recording Marine Life

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Records of Serpula vermicularis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
less than 1% cover 2007-06-17 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Dorset
Polly Whyte
Occasional 2009-07-04 Brixham Marina
All species found on the pontoon floats in Brixham Marina
Fanworm Holly Latham
2 11/03/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach Cornwall
Rocky shore reef on left hand side of beach (with back to land). Lower shore
in crevice on lower shore, submerged in water. Size 0.5cm- 1cm in diameter. Alexandra Fowler
1 09/04/2012 Greencliff
Wave cut platform on fairly exposed shore. Occasional sandy-bottomed gullies, many overhangs created by leaning rock strata.
One spcimen attached to underside of loose stone in rock pool. Robert Durrant