Recording Marine Life

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Records of Spinachia spinachia

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2003-08-09
Ravens Point Anglesey
amongst sea grass at around 3 metres Ken Byrne
1 2007-04-08
studland south beach
Steve Trewhella
one 2007-08-23
Off South Milton Sands (near Thurlestone)
Active around stand of wire-weed Paul Newland
2 2008-08-15
studland south beach
Steve Trewhella
2 2009-06-19 Ventry Harbour
Ventry Harbour is a horseshoe shaped beach with a mixture of sand and gravel in the centre of the beach and a rocky outcrop to the southern end. Two small streams enter the beach along the northern end of the beach. Ventry Harbour is a generally shallow area with depths averaging 2m.
Caught in Seine Net Declan Mac Gabhann
1 2009-09-10 The Fleet, Dorset
Lower Fleet, on western edge of main channel.
One specimen found in Bladderwrack in shallows Edward Harland
1 2009-09-23 Plymouth Hoe
Amongst rocks and weed in 5m of water 15m off of the rocky shore between two sets of dis-used steps at Plymouth Hoe.
Hiding in the middle to top of a stand of Himanthalia elongata. Individual had a strong kink, deformity in the tail behind the dorsal and anal fin. Curiously, it appeared to use this to hook onto the weed and hold position. Chris McCullough
1 26/01/2011 Saltdean
midshore surge pool in chalk wave-cut platform with mixed reds on margins in which the animal was caught.
Caught in sampling net. Gerald Legg
1 24/07/2011 Douglas Isle of Man
Large rocky outcrops below cliffs and sea wall
caught in shallow pool in surrounding rocks Jon Russell-Dunn
1 12/05/2012 Fort Bovisan, Plymouth
sheltered harbour
orange in colour found in kelp forest keithrd krd