Recording Marine Life

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Records of Syngnathus acus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
2 2003-03-31 Selsey
Sandstone/clay wall that runs along on the West side just beyond Selsey Lifeboat Station.
Laying montionless on the seabed. Mature size. Paul Parsons
1 2003-05-17 Papa Westray
Papa Westray, Moclett Bay
Approx 25 cm. Free swimming over weedy/sandy bottom at 8m. Dark brown, marked "fan" fin on tail. George Hendry
2 2003-05-26 Eastern Kings Point
Firestone Bay
Seen hiding. James Highfield
Chesil Cove Dorset. Portland side, underhill.
Hiding in seaweed. Ryan Stalker
1 2003-04-06
Wreck of James Fennel - nearby on seabed
On seabed Charles Whitworth
2 2003-10-19
Chesil Cove, Dorset (location has been estimated as none given on recording form)
Charles Whitworth
1 2004-01-04
"The Fields" - aprox 1 mile SSE of Dodman Point, Cornwall.
Sitting on reef. approx 10-12 inches long. Chris Bunney
1 2004-04-13
Skelmorlie bank, Clyde, betweem Inverkip and Largs.
At at 25 metres, on a sandy/silty bottom on the edge of a field of brittle stars. Robert Grey
P 2004-04-07 Jennycliffe Bay
Jennycliffe Bay eel grass bed, near Anchorage/Ramscliff Point
A few seen within eel grass bed Amy Bugg
1 2004-08-07 Millport
Farland Point, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, Firth of Clyde, Scotland
In shallow area with weed cover near shore Alison Fish
70-80 p.a. 2002-06-01
Cardigan Bay, west wales
These fish are either in the pots or coiled around the pot ropes as they are hauled, always returned to the water Mrs L.M. Hicks
3 2004-10-26 Wembury beach
Wembury beach
Found under rooks in shallow pools all under 15 cm in length Simon Roper
Coast at Southwold
One recently deceased fish found on shoreline during rough low tide. The fish is 43 cms in length Felix Fardell
Present 2005-10-05 Island of Eday
Island of Eday, Orkney Islands.
Find many in pools at low tide, and some out of water and underneath boulders. Often find many together in the same vicinity. Kate Townsend
1 2006-07-15
Freathy Cliff, in a large rockpool
Seen in a clump of seaweed in a large rockpool. The pipefish was in the blue striped form. Approx 25cm long James Park
1 2006-09-11
Cawsand Bay, Cornwall.
Swimming over sand in shallow water. Charlotte Marshall
1 2007-04-03
Mount Batten Beach
Adult in a rock pool at low tide. Approx 8cm Milly Hatton-Brown
1 2007-05-26
kimmeridge bay dive
Steve Trewhella
1 2008-06-24
South beach, Studland Dorset
Steve Trewhella
2 2008-06-27
south beach studland dorset
Steve Trewhella
2 2008-06-29
south beach studland dorset
Steve Trewhella
1 2008-08-15
studland south beach
Steve Trewhella
2 2008-09-28 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Portland, Dorset
Trish Carter
2 2009-06-19 Ventry Harbour
Ventry Harbour is a horseshoe shaped beach with a mixture of sand and gravel in the centre of the beach and a rocky outcrop to the southern end. Two small streams enter the beach along the northern end of the beach. Ventry Harbour is a generally shallow area with depths averaging 2m.
Caught in Seine Net Declan Mac Gabhann
1 2009-11-18 Borth Beach
Beach just to north of Borth.
(Actually think it was a snake pipefish, but it isn't on your list). Washed up in heavy seas, newly dead Susan Strickland
1 2010-09-11 Peveril ledges, Swanage Bay, Dorset
18 metre depth, gravel and stone ledges with strong tidal current.
around 30 cm on sandy gravel Daniel Bayley
1 04/09/2011 Walpole Bay, Margate
Chalk Reef
Shallow chalk reef, depth c. 2 metres Shaun Connell
1 24/09/2011 Swanage
Water depths of 2m to 30m with water temperature of 18 degrees C.
Beneath new pier at about 3m deep, about 40cm long. Julian Madle
1 12/05/2012 Fort Bovisan, Plymouth
sheltered harbour
observed on sany/gravel sea bed under unkown sea weed keithrd krd
1 20/06/2012 Well-next-the-sea, Norfolk
Washed up freshly dead on the tideline of Wells beach.
length=35cm juliet Lehair