Recording Marine Life

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Records of Talitrus saltator

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
F 2004-04-07
Helford passage + Bar beach, Helford River, Cornwall.
under rocks Ruth Williams
P 2005-04-09
Langerstone Point
Loads seen under rocks Katherine Hill
17 2005-05-21
Jamie Walls
Present 2006-01-11
Lynmouth Beach
Many seen at all levels of the shore Shellingford Ducklington
2003-04-11 France Aimee
Near the wreck of the France Aimee on the east side of the isle of wight
Ben Knights
e.g. South coast of Lindisfarne, near the harbour.
John Nicholson
2003-07-27 Fleetwood north
Fleetwood north.
Kathryn Turner
common 2008-07-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
in sand Cat Ridout
4 2009-07-01 Penarth
Sand-hoppers discovered under stones at the bottom of a garden in Penarth, near Cardiff, half a mile from the beach. Wondering whether this is a common occurrence or if this species is only recorded on shorelines?
Under slab in garden. Lisa Knight
1 2009-11-01 Fleetwood North
Sunken car park in Fleetwood, Lancashire.
North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
1 2009-10-27 St Anne's Pier
Area North of the pier.
North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
Common 06/08/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform at low tide (1.2m) Several unidentified seaweeds seen and two scale worms (?Harmothoe impar). ALso Halurus equisetifolius which does not appear in the list
Under seaweed on the strandline Nigel Sawyer