Recording Marine Life

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Records of Tripterygion delaisi

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
one 2005-06
Plymouth Sound, Cawsand Bay near Inner Broady Cove
rocky reef at 6 metres Peter Messenger
11 2005-10-06 Swanage Pier
Swanage Pier
On pier legs at various depths, approx half seen were only 1/2 an inch long Steve Trewhella
1 - female 2006-06-05
Very clear black stripes, on exposed rock when snorkelling
1 2005-06-13
Wreck of the Fetlar. Depth 20m >17m u/water vis
Black faced blenny during breeding season on port side of wreck Sonia Rowley
Upside down under overhang. Bright yellow body, jet black head metallic blue tinge to dorsal fin
On a rock at about 3-4m depth. Retreated to a crevice. Approx 7-8cm long. Yellow/orange body, dark head, blue fringed fins
On the breakwater by the Dredger wreck. At about 5-6m depth. On a rock, retreated to a crevice. Red/orange body, black head. ABout 8cm long
one 2007-09-18
Off northern end of Meadfoot Beach Torbay.
Upside-down under rocky overhang Paul Newland
approx 6 2008-06-13 Swanage pier
Swanage pier 4.2 m water temp 18degC
all males sighted yellow with black faces and blue tinged fins.... on pier structure and underwater man made debris Gavin Hemingway
1 2008-06-15 Worbarrow Tout
Worbarrow Tout (Kimmeridge underwater nature trail)
Male, sitting on top of the barge wreck Mick Quickfall
1 2008-06-14 Swanage Pier
Swanage Pier
Male, on wreckage under the pier Mick Quickfall
four 2008-06-07
Breakwater Fort, Plymouth, Devon
Three male and one female on Fort wall and debris ajacent to wall in a depth of 12 metres. Photographs available if required. Karen Williams
One 2008-06-07
Fort Bovisand, Plymouth, Devon
Male on large rock face 30 metres NW of slip. Karen Williams
10 pairs 2008-07-14
swanage pier dorset
Steve Trewhella
2 2009-05-31 Swanage Pier
Wooden pier leg
Male and female on remains of a pier leg Simon Brown
1 18/09/2007 Off meadfoot beach, torbay
upside-down under small overhang in fairly shallow water on 18/09/2007 (tried to record this before but apparently failed. Image already in Marlin Gallery.
Upside-down under small overhang paul newland
2 15/12/2007 Plymouth - Breakwater Fort
On seabed
On seabed near submerged base of Fort in about 12-14M of water. Dorsal view image already in Marlin Image Gallery. paul newland
one 30/07/2011 Babbacombe Bay (Torquay)
No more than 50M ofshore
Head downward on vertical rock-face in shallow water. (Having previously reported this species from two other locations (images in gallery) could they perhaps be due due for confirmation? paul newland