Recording Marine Life

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Records of Trivia arctica

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
C 2000-05-09
Inner Farne; Farne Islands
Common Owain Gabb
C 2000-02-25
West wideopen, Farne Islands
Common Owain Gabb
C 2000-05-29
Knox Reef; Farne Islands
Common Owain Gabb
1 2005-03-13
To the right hand side of new waterfront pub, west Hoe, Plymouth
Seen in a crevice Judith Oakley
1 2005-09-20
Madrips Beach, Trevone, North Cornwall
foreshore, rockpools. Size 10mm. Marion Bruton
1 2006-02-26 Island of Eday
Rocky shore on west side of Island of Eday, Orkney.
Under rock. Quite low tide. Joshua Foreman
2006-05-31 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach
1cm Cat Ridout
Feeding on ascidians
1 2006-04-30 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach
Ledge overhang with 2 spotted cowries Cat Ridout
<0.25 per meter on strandline
3 2007-10-10 Barricane and Coombesgate
Barricane and Coombesgate, Woolacombe
3 on vertical rocks lining gully at Coombesgate Paula Ferris
3 2007-10-26 Tunnels beach, Ilfracombe
Tunnels Beach, Ilfracombe
Below cup corals Paula Ferris
2 2007-10-29 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Also unders tones at low tide Paula Ferris
1 2008-02-11 Croyde
Croyde, south end at Downend
feeding on ascidian on steep rock Paula Ferris
1 2008-03-20
Devils Kitchen, Lundy
Under a ledge, very close to the low tide (0.89m) with a European Cowrie Nicola Saunders
1 2008-08-02 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone rocks
shell found on strandline Cat Ridout
abundant 19/02/2011 Downend Croyde
Low shore gullies off NW SE fault line across shore platform
Feeding on walls of gullies low shore Paula Ferris
7 19/02/2011 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Low shore rocks & gullies adjacent nearly parallel to sea, leading into kelp strewn with flat stones/boulders
Feeding on steep rocks Paula Ferris
50 21/03/2011 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
Gently sloping shore, expanse of rocks flanking sand, fresh water stream. Good algae cover
Feeding on low shore rocks, abundant, no T. monacha seen. Paula Ferris
1 22/07/2011 Hope Gap Sussex
Chalk platform. 1m low tide and investigated area straight in front of the steps. Many cobbles and stones in the gulleys which were turned and looked at. A bootlace worm, encrusting bryozoan, a couple of unidentitied (and not photographed) chitons also seen - had to escape the rising tide)
One shell found on lower shore. Nigel Sawyer
several 08/03/2012 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe
north facing sheltered rocky shore, good seaweed cover, gullies crevices & pools
Vertical walls of gullies low shore Paula Ferris
2 10/03/2012 Greencliff
Moderately exposed rocky shore. Wave-cut platform with infrequent sandy gullies. Frequent small pools. Entire upper shore comprising very dynamic large pebble ridge.
Under different small rock overhangs, among sponge encrustation. Lower shore. Robert Durrant
1 07/04/2012 Greencliff
Wave cut platform on fairly exposed shore. Occasional sandy-bottomed gullies, many overhangs created by leaning rock strata.
On overhanging rock among encrusting sponges. Lower shore. Robert Durrant
2 05/06/2012 Greencliff
Area of overhanging rock strata running at right-angles to the sea, with gullies open to NW, often sandy-bottomed. Lower part of wave-cut platform, with upper beach comprising large and very dynamic pebble ridge backed by high cliffs. Erosion of softer rock has created many shady crevices.
Low on the shallower of the rocky overhangs in minor gully area. Robert Durrant