Recording Marine Life

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Records of Tursiops truncatus

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
10 2004-01-29
Plymouth Sound
Calm sea, sunny, about 10 dolphins some jumping. Guy Baker
3 2002-08-04
North-east of Bach Island, Firth of Lorne
Sunny day Adrian Lauder
5 2001-05-12
Off Mother Iveys Bay, Cornwall
Group spent about 15 minutes around headland and buoy Samuel Parr
6 2002-07-13
Plymouth Sound
At least six large dolphin swimming and 'porpoising'. Keith Hiscock
Numerous 2002-05-08
Off Porthminster beach St Ives
Local pod of dolphins David Stamp
2 2002-07-12
Portrush Bay Northen Ireland
Mother and calf feeding in the bay approx 75 meters from the shore Helena Little
ca 5 2002-07-28
St Ives harbour
Jenny Smirthwaite
P 2002-07-12
Falmouth harbour, Carrick Rock by the Myler Yacht harbour.
Eight-ten Observed from distance under sail. School last observed heading S to Carrick Road. David Beckinsale
P 2001-06-08
First spotted just off Penarrow Point, Mylor Churchtown, Cornwall.
Five-ten spotted, about 500m away, breaching & swimming alongside small yacht under motor whilst heading away from Mylor.Entire school came to boat and followed from Penarrow Point to the water stir area at Carclase Point, on the other side of the Carrick Roads David Beckinsale
4 2004-07-15 Penrhyn Mawr
Bewteen Maenmellt and Porth Iago. 1600 Hrs (Penrhyn Mawr)
3 adult 1 juvenile. came along side boat (almost leapt over it. Traveling south on ebb tide Pete Wilkinson
P 2004-07-08 Ogmore-by-Sea
Ogmore-by-Sea approximately 15 metres offshore loacated approximately 60 metres (easterly) beyond main beach access path (lower left hand corner of field).
Swimming in a westerly direction stopped at one point to swim in a circular motion. Stephen Furley
1 2000-08-08 Stokes Bay
South of Stokes Bay (Gosport), Hants
Alone, just swimming around Oliver Bell
3 2002-08-04
North-east of Bach Island, Firth of Lorne
Sunny day Adrian Lauder
3 2000-08-06 Spithead
Just south-south east of Spithead (near Gosport), Hants
They were swimming alongside the boat jumping in and out of the water Oliver Bell
P 2002-06-22 August rock
Near August rock 1/2 Mile off Rosemillion Head, Falmouth Bay
Spotted bowriding about 200yds away. 2 groups of about 4. One group followed boat to Pendennis point, stayed for 10 minutes, other group followed motor vessel. David Beckinsale
2 2002-07-12
Portrush Bay Northen Ireland
Mother and calf feeding in the bay approx 75 meters from the shore Helena Little
2-3 2002-06-05 Cardigan Bay
Cardigan Bay, west Wales
Numbers seen decreased this year, usually play around the boat. Mrs L.M. Hicks
3 2002-10-21
Inshore waters, Plymouth Sound Bay near Drake's Island
Approx 3 Guy Baker
Followed this group for about half an hour.
P 2002-05-16 Pennarow Point
Pennarow Point, Mylor Church
Five-eight spotted off entrance to Mylor Yacht Harbour milling and then bow riding small boat. Accompanied by gulls at first. Seen from 17.00 - 17.50 when they swam towards Falmouth. A number of boats and ferries stopped to look. David Beckinsale
4 2002-05-27 Jennycliff Bay
Jennycliff Bay, Plymouth Sound
Probably at least six dolphins spread out in the bay. Roger Dadds
1 2004-08-28 Marden rocks
Marden rocks, Alnmouth. About 300m off shore
Single dolphin definitely bottlenose. Approached vessel continually for about 40 mins and put on an impressive display of aquabatics twicewithin 10 metres of us. Appeared to be speeding back and forward along pot ropes as we hauled them in only 12-15 feet of water. Spotted what I believe to be the same dolphin about 4 hours later 1/4 mile south of Amble harbour. Briefly visited by dolphin the next two days at Alnmouth. Michael Bould
1 2005-06-10
In eastern end of bay of Mynydd beach within buoyed area.
Seen about 100 metres from shore. Occasionally leaping from water and crashing down. Swam across into Abersoch harbour area, jumping our of water every now and again. Clare Ward
1 2006-06-03
Diving SW of Lundy
Keith Denby
1 2006-06-03
South West of Lundy
Keith Denby
2 2008-06-04
Plymouth Sound near malumpus buoy.
The two dolphins were together and surfacing 2 to 5 times every few minutes. travelling in different directions poss feeding. Cathy Harshaw
At least 20 2008-05-27 Eriskay
0.5nm SE of Eriskay, Outer Hebrides
Came directly from the shore to our boat and then rode the bow wave for 20 minutes or so. At least one calf (I have a very clear picture). A few stayed with us into the entrance of Acairseid Mhor. Norman Jackson
6 2008-08-27 Puffin Sound
Entering Puffin Sound (off Anglesey, North Wales) by red and green entry markings before lighthouse.
Group of approximately 6 which bow rode the boat for a short while. Only ever saw 3 at once but convinced at least 6 in group. Barbara Wilcox
2 2009-06-30 Ynys Lochtyn
500m to the north of Ynys Lochtyn (nr Llangranog)
Breaching at the surface (both adults) David Harries
3 2009-05-09 Plymouth Sound
About 300m south of Madeira Road at entrance to Cattewater. Same three seen between Drakes Island and Millbay on same day.
Seemed to be two adults and a juvenile Keith Hiscock
4-5 2010-08-06 New Quay Wales
fishing off the furthest most point of the quay into where the yachts are.
close to quay (6m) and offshore (jumping) Charles Stacey