Recording Marine Life

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Records of Undaria pinnatifida

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
F 2005-08-02
Far pontoon, Queen Anne's Battery marina
frequent attached to pontoons Judith Oakley
abundant 2006-06-22
Queen Anne's Battery, Plymouth
On sides of pontoons. new young plants and old ones dying back. Judith Oakley
Attached to oyster rafts. Observation by Andy May, Conservation Manager, Essex Wildlife Trust. Photos taken subsequently in office.
10 2006-30-11
Langstone Harbour, Main Channel
species found in several locations within Langstone harbour, Portsmouth Harbour, Chichester Harbour and outside in the Solent near East Winner Buoy. Paul Farrell
1 individual plant 2008-02-06
Hamble River, near Southampton. E 448 650 N 107 780
Seemed to have been dislodged or attached to small stones, stranded on mudflat at low tide. Fairly large, well formed individual for the time of year. Jack Sewell
Frequent 2009-06-27 Torquay Marina
All species found on the pontoon floats of Torquay Marina
Wakame Holly Latham
Abundant 2009-07-04 Brixham Marina
All species found on the pontoon floats in Brixham Marina
Distributed throughout the marina, large patches on outer pontoons Holly Latham
2 13/09/2010 Break Water Fort, Plymouth, Devon
On the north side of the breakwater within Plymouth Sound, Devon where high currents flow either side. area was a relitivly kelp free area
observed on a safety stop at 6m growing on the man made Breakwater Fort James Murphy
4 01/06/2011 Devil's Point
Rocky shore at Devil's Point
Marlin Beach Rangers
1 31/08/2011 Meadfoot Beach
Rocky beach in Torquay with high tidal range
seen attached to small rock on the beach. only the stipe and holdfast remained, no evidence of the broad frond James Murphy
10 01/05/2012 Sandon Half Tide Dock, Liverpool
SEastern jetty wall of Sandon Half Tide Dock, in the Liverpool north docks system
Fouling dock wall Chris Frid
1 02/05/2012 Salcomobe ria pontoon
Pontoon on opposite side of estuary where the upper recycling facilities are kept.
Did not have a chance to look any more so not sure how much there may have been... Maya Plass