Recording Marine Life

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Records of Urticina felina

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
Rocky headland at North end of Gwynver Beach, near Sennen.
In crevices. (<10). Guy Baker
100 2003-09-20
Menai straits under Menai Bridge
On sand at 10 metres over a large area in clumps of 3 to 5. Ken Byrne
30+ 2004-03-28
Sandstone wall and ridges.West side of Selsey Lifeboat Station, West Sussex.
Very clean and open. Different sizes Paul Parsons
3 2004-06-01 Widmouth Head
Near Widmouth Head, Devon. Small rock beach adjacent to sandy/muddy harbour/rhia
In crevice/in pool Barbara Haddrill
4 2005-03-13
To the right hand side of new waterfront pub, west Hoe, Plymouth
Seen in crevices Judith Oakley
2 2002-05-23 Borve Point
Borve Point below Cemetery, Barra, outer Hebrides. Exposed rocky shore
2 see in low shore in crevice (2 in 15 mins) Elvira Poloczanska
1 2005-06-05
Goodrington Sands on shore in front of Seashore Centre
In crevice Judith Oakley
1 2005-08-02
Far pontoon, Queen Anne's Battery marina
on rope Judith Oakley
1 2003-06-17 Wembury
Rocky shore, Wembury Beach, South Devon.
In rockpool. Cat Ridout
1 2006-07-07 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Middle shore, 2.5cm diameter Cat Ridout
3 2007-03-16 Lee Bay
Lee Bay, near Ilfracombe, North devon
Low shore Caroline Roberts
rockpool 8cm
20 2007-05-04 Combesgate
Combesgate, north end Woolacombe Bay.
Rock pools & base of gulley rocks, up to 8cm Paula Ferris
1 2007-05-31 Downend
Downend, rocky headland between Croyde & Saunton
Well under overhang in deep rock pool, mid shore, 8 -10 cm Paula Ferris
5 2007-06-02 Downend
Downend Headland, between Croyde & Saunton
In recessed pools & at base gully, 6 - 10 cm diam Paula Ferris
1 2007-08-03 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks (very low tide, went further down lower shore)
Cat Ridout
3 2007-08-04
Barricane & Coombesgate, woolacombe.
large anemones in rockpools alongside Cgate gulley Paula Ferris
3 2007-08-30
Coombesgate, north Woolacombe beach.
Rock pools, including one 800mm diameter Paula Ferris
8 2007-10-11
Barricane Beach towards Grunta, woolacombe
Rock pools low shore, >10cm diam Paula Ferris
occasional 2007-12-27 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Gower
in surge gulleys with sandy bottom Judith Oakley
1 2008-08-26
Kingsand Beach, Cornwall.
About 7cm across in a ditch in a rock. Amelia Bridges
1 2009-04-08 Lee Bay
Nr Ilfracombe
Mid shore, in overhung rockpool Paula Ferris
1 2009-06-09 Coombesgate, Woolacombe
2 sandy bays divided by small rocky headlands with extensive rocks at low tide.
Largest I've ever seen 150 - 200 mm, low shore rock-pool Paula Ferris
2 2009-09-21 Eastbourne Pier
The pier at Eastbourne. Sandy beach below shingle with some soft bedrock with pools. In addition to the list Mactra stultrom common, as were hydroids (unidentified on the pier structure)
Two large individuals one under pier and the other in a rock pool. Nigel Sawyer
1 2009-12-12 Farne Islands
Rocky islands 20 minutes by boat from Seahouses, Northumberland. Small islands 5 minutes north west of the largest Island
On rock at 9m depth. 3cm in diameter Lauren Burghes
1 2010-04-16 Downend, Croyde
Wave cut platform across folded rocks, up to 2m gullies, one large pool.
alongside the seahare Paula Ferris
1 2010-04-21 Cow Gap, Beachy Head Sussex
Rock pools and sandstone area. Area of sand and some mud/ sand patches amongst the boulders and other rocks. Jaera sp also seen. Pools near the cliff had the seaweed Dumontia incrassata and shells of Mactra stultorum were also found (neither listed in DB)
Large single individual seen in large rock pool Nigel Sawyer
Abundant 2010-09-09 Westward Ho!
Semi-exposed shore, rocky shore at end sandy beach, rock platform cut by gullies and pools, sand at low tide
18 in one narrow crevice, others widely scattered low shore Paula Ferris
30 2010-12-31 Cushendall Co Antrim
Rocky foreshore immediately NE of Cdall beach. Low tide.
In rockpools and rivulets of sea water draining back into the tide after the tide dropped. Cathal McNaughton
5 2011-01-20 Portreath harbour entrance
A narrow North Cornwall coast harbour. Very exposed. Some sand/mud, some loose rocks.Mostly hard rock.
Small specimens under stones.Stones were in water Treve Opie
6 01/06/2011 Walpole Bay, Margate
Chalk and sand reef
On shallow reef area, at approx. 2 metres depth Shaun Connell
Uncommon 28/09/2011 Eastbourne
Chalk platform in the east and sandy areas at low tide with soft rock and rock pools.
Around and under the pier Nigel Sawyer
30 04/09/2011 St Abbs
Coastal rocky areas, north of Berwick up on Tweed, near Eyemouth in Scotland.
Abundant occurrences in various colours, up to 20cm across. Depth 15 to 20 m Julian Madle
appx 100 09/02/2012 Westward Ho!
Deep-cut gully through wave-cut rock platform, floored with coarse sand. Gully running at 45 degrees to prevalent wave direction, hence moderately exposed.
On sides of & crevices in gully, & in sand at base of rock walls. Size 2-8 cm. Completely limited to one gully, where abundant. Not elsewhere. Lower shore. Robert Durrant
abundant 09/03/2012 Westward Ho!
Extreme low shore edge of moderately exposed wave-cut platform, with deep sandy-floored gullies and rocky overhangs.
Very abundant in crevices and small pools in low rock outcrops amongst sand, at low edge of wave-cut platform, from entrance of gully prev reported, to the south for at least 300m Robert Durrant
1 10/03/2012 Greencliff
Moderately exposed rocky shore. Wave-cut platform with infrequent sandy gullies. Frequent small pools. Entire upper shore comprising very dynamic large pebble ridge.
Small specimen, appx 4cm diameter, in crevice at edge of sandy gully. Lower shore. Robert Durrant
Abundant 11/03/2012 Saunton, N Devon
Rocks between base of Saunton Down & Saunton Sands
In shallow pools between eroded rock strata, also deeper pools - almost all closed Paula Ferris
10 01/04/2012 Deer sound, Orkney
sandy bay , eel grass, kelp forest, maerl bed
penny martin
1 07/04/2012 Greencliff
Wave cut platform on fairly exposed shore. Occasional sandy-bottomed gullies, many overhangs created by leaning rock strata.
Smallish specimen, est v35mm across, in crevice in rock strata. Robert Durrant
common in some locations 08/05/2012 Albion Sands
Sandy SW-facing beach, sheltered by Gateholm to S & W,flanked by cliffs, with some outcropping strata central and W edge, & large boulder field E edge.
Isolated specimens fairly common in suitable sandy rock cavities, & one large colony, with Gems, in a smallish sandy pool created between low rock strata mid-beach, low on shore Robert Durrant