Recording Marine Life

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Records of Zostera marina

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2003-05-26 Firestone Bay
Firestone Bay, Plymouth, Devon
Bed of eel grass seen. John Bleach
P 2003-08-24
The old pier, Swanage Bay
Small but dense patches (2 - 3 square metres). Guy Baker
P 2003-09-27
Jennycliff Bay, Plymouth Sound
Several rooted clumps seen just below low water on a 1m tide. Keith Hiscock
P 2004-04-07 Jennycliffe Bay
Jennycliffe Bay eel grass bed, near Anchorage/Ramscliff Point
Some denser patches, some sparser. Bed is very patchy, with sand in between patches. MCS Plymouth local group have just surveyed the bed. Amy Bugg
10 sq m 2006-09-17
Gruinard Bay, Wester Ross, Scotland
Very low tide (spring). Will be snorkelling the area next spring to determine better abundance figures Kevin Wright
Dense patch 2007-03-21
Immediately off the Pavilion pier at the entrance to Weymouth harbour.
Carpet of about 20sq metres only seen at very low tide in about 1 metre of water. Floating strand measured about 80cm in length. Growing in bed of sand and in the shelter of the pier. Frank Peach
>10 square meters 2009-07-26 Kildonan, Arran
Almost flat sandstone pavement with occasional higher dykes. boulders and sandy lagoons.
In shallow sandy 'lagoons' at low water Robin Harvey
Beds approx 20m2 2009-09-08 East Head
Off the east side of the East Head spit, Chichester Harbour.
On the intertidal mud banks Iain Vincent
2009-09-25 Creak Rythe, Chichester Harbour
Intertidal mudflats
Z. angustifolia (now recognised as Z. marina) present Z. noltii beds Iain Vincent
Not assessed 2009-09-21 Ryde, Isle of Wight
Ryde beach (sand) west of the pier
NA Iain Vincent
c 5 patches 2-3 m across 2010-09-26 Gruinard Bay
At the northern end in the sheltered water by the small dry island
Growing abundantly in the sandy areas Emily Hastings
07/04/2012 Gorey
Flat sandy area
area on NE side Kevin McIlwee