Biodiversity & Conservation


Information on 873 marine species around the coasts of Britain and Ireland can be viewed below. Advanced reviews include information on the biology, distribution, life history and likely sensitivity to human activities and natural events, and are peer reviewed where possible. Intermediate pages provide an overview of a species, similar to that found in an ID guide. Basic information is provided for younger users. Use of information on these web pages are subject to MarLIN's terms and conditions.

Species information can be browsed below. The species are arranged by major group. Alternatively, you may browse by taxonomy or search for species using a range of tools.

Animals (Animalia)


Sea anemones, corals, sea firs & jellyfish

Sea gooseberries & comb jellies


Ribbon worms

Spoon worms

Peanut worms

Snails, slugs, mussels, cockles, clams & squid

Segmented worms e.g. ragworms, tubeworms & fanworms

Arthropods, joint-legged animals, e.g. insects, crustaceans & spiders

Horseshoe worms

Sea mats, horn wrack & lace corals

Lamp shells

Starfish, brittlestars, sea urchins & sea cucumbers

Sea squirts, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals

Red and green seaweeds, stoneworts & flowering plants (Plantae)

Red seaweeds

Green seaweeds and stoneworts

Seagrass, tassel weeds, reeds, sea pink & grasses

Brown and yellow-green seaweeds (Chromista)

Brown and yellow-green seaweeds

Lichens (Fungi)

Sac fungi