information on the biology of species and the ecology of habitats found around the coasts and seas of the British Isles

Environmental factors (pressures)

Components of the physical, chemical, ecological or human environment that may be influenced by natural events or anthropogenic activity (Tyler-Walters & Jackson, 1999).

Physical factors

  • Substratum loss
  • Suspended sediment
  • Smothering
  • Desiccation
  • Changes in emergence regime
  • Changes in water flow rate
  • Changes in temperature
  • Changes in turbidity
  • Changes in wave exposure
  • Noise disturbance
  • Visual presence
  • Physical disturbance and abrasion
  • Displacement

Chemical factors

  • Synthetic compound contamination
  • Heavy metals contamination
  • Hydrocarbon contamination
  • Radionuclide contamination
  • Changes in nutrient levels
  • Changes in salinity
  • Changes in oxygenation

Biological factors

  • Introduction of microbial pathogens / parasites
  • Introduction of non-native species
  • Selective extraction of this species
  • Selective extraction of other species