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Sponsoring the MarLIN Programme

MarLIN (an initiative of the Marine Biological Association of the UK) welcomes sponsorship to fund the core maintenance, and development of our web resources. Sponsors can elect to make a simple donation, or sponsor specific activities or content. Sponsorship can also be 'in kind', such as donations of survey data, etc.

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Sponsorship is required for the following core activities:

Your sponsorship will help to ensure that the MarLIN website remains a free, open access resource.

For example, organizations and institutions may wish to sponsor

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What do you gain as a sponsor?

Well, together with the satisfaction of supporting an internationally acclaimed project, sponsors gain:

And for organizations

If you are interested in sponsoring our work and would like further information, contact Harvey Tyler-Walters ( or Jon Parr ( Alternatively, email the MarLIN team (

As a charitable institute, the Marine Biological Association is able to accept stand-alone donations for any aspect of its work.