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  • BIOTIC - Biological Traits Information Catalogue

    BioticBIOTIC is a new on-line searchable marine biological traits resourse, inclding facilities to download traits information from user-supplied species lists.

  • Seabed Indicator Species Database

    Seabed Indicator Species DatabaseAccess to a database of information gathered during the desk study for the Indicator species report (Hiscock et al. 2005). The project reviewed 98 papers or reports that list species which increase or decrease or were considered intolerant or favoured in relation to different pressures / environmental factors. The database summarises the response of 482 taxa to seven Pressures, 15 Environmental factors and a general category for industrial effluents including sewage and metals.

  • Seabed biological time-series studies in the UK and near-Europe

    Seabed biological time-series studies in the UK and near-EuropeNinety-two seabed biological surveys that include time-series data have been identified, reports and papers inspected, relevant persons questioned and a description of each study entered to a database, and can be interrogated through this Website.

  • NBN Web Services

    NBN Web Services

  • Effects of Fishing within European Marine Sites

    Effects of Fishing within European Marine SitesA review of 191 papers and reports on the likely effects of fishing acitvites on species and habitats within the marine SACs.

  • Marine Aliens

    Marine AliensThe Marine Aliens programme is the first UK-wide coordinated research programme to look at the impacts of a selection of non-native marine invaders on indigenous species and ecosystems. The Website is online is populated with information uploaded by species champions. Waterproof ID guides to 10 invasive species have been produced (see Publications and products).

  • Outer Bristol Channel Project

    Outer Bristol Channel ProjectThe National Museums & Galleries of Wales , the British Geological Survey and MarLIN are collaborating on a Website to disseminate the results of biological and geophysical survey work on the seabed of the outer Bristol Channel . [Coming soon]

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